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Data warehouses implementation services

Outsourcing of databases and warehouses specialists

Cooperation with JCommerce gives you access to competences and experience of the best specialists on the market, without necessity of paying for time-consuming recruitment process.

Typical usage of a data warehouse

Data warehouses allow for data analysis, including data from a dozen or so years back. The collected data is arranged and archived in a central database which facilitates control over access to data, thereby ensuring the security of the stored data.

As time goes by, IT needs arise as a natural result of the company’s development, which is why Data Warehouse end-users should maintain constant contact with BI specialists to verify current business needs.

There are several ways to analyze the collected data, depending on actual business needs; however, the most common ones are:

  • periodical, standard fixed-structured reporting, with enabled filtering,
  • defining reports and queries by means of SQL or generating automated reports,
  • static analysis of trends and predictions,
  • multi-dimensional and interactive analytical processing (OLAP),
  • data mining to predict business and market trends.

Verified skills for Data Warehousing

Thanks to the high-quality services provided by our team of Business Intelligence specialists, JCommerce is at the top of the ranking of the best Polish Data Analytics companies on Clutch. We implement data warehouse and Business Intelligence tools for banks, the telecommunication industry, and the energy, architectural engineering and e-commerce sectors. We create modern analytical platforms based on solutions such as Snowflake, Microsoft Power BI and Qlik.

JCommerce has been honored with the title of Gold Microsoft Partner in the Data Platform field, which confirms our competences in one of the following areas:

  • SQL Database Administration – configuration of data access, audits, backups and SQL Server instance management, implementation of SQL to Azure and mass memory management,
  • SQL Database Development – the building and implementation of databases with functions, optimization, data management and database development with Transact-SQL,

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Data warehouse architecture supporting business

An in-depth analysis of the client’s situation, their needs and business goals that are to be fulfilled based on the data collected allow our teams to design the optimal architecture for data warehouses. Through building proper architecture for solutions, the client can take advantage of the full potential of data visualization tools as well as developing the data warehouse to include other data sources and expanding its features.

Cloud Data Warehouse

The cloud is a great environment for data warehouse implementation. Using cloud solutions offered by providers such as AWS, Azure or Google Cloud ensures significant flexibility.

Architecture that uses cloud solutions is resistant to large and irregular data loads and allows for quick scaling.

Cloud data warehouses are easily managed and can be automated, which additionally simplifies operation and service configuration.

The development of data warehouses in the cloud offers a number of advantages related to cost optimization, including:

  • Eliminating the need to purchase, install and configure infrastructure
  • No need to engage employees in the maintenance of infrastructure
  • Eliminating costs related to updating and upgrading devices.

We utilize modern tools for cloud data warehouse development, including efficient and easy-to-use databases based on Snowflake solutions, that integrate perfectly with analytical and reporting tools such as Microsoft Power BI, Qlik, Tableau and SAP BusinessObjects.

Data warehouse – data marts

data mart is the access layer of the data warehouse environment which is used to deliver data to the users. It is usually oriented to a specific business line or team, i.e. marketing or accounting.

The data should comply with the main data warehouse, which is relevant as this makes the data warehouse a trustworthy source for data marts. This is where ETL processes play a key role, since they allow for the integration of data from multiple sources, data transformation and loading it to the target database.

Separation of areas in the data warehouse lets users:

  • speed up the operations without placing an additional burden on the main data warehouse,
  • analyze data from different sources,
  • store data in a more detailed way to facilitate and accelerate the work,
  • download the data in a more efficient manner,
  • comprehend the structure of the data by enterprise users – they save time spent on understanding complex data structures.

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