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Consulting services within the scope of the qlik platform

Outsourcing of experts and implementations of Business Intelligence systems

We offer Qlik Sense and QlikView services, both for clients considering the implementation of Business Intelligence systems and those who already use Qlik Sense and QlikView at their company.

Certified administrators of the Qlik platform

As a provider of Business Intelligence solutions, including solutions based on the QlikView app and the Qlik Sense system, JCommerce has been ranked 1st in the Clutch Top Data Analytics Companies in Poland and 2nd in the global ranking.

As confirmation of the high quality of competencies acquired by our specialists, JCommerce holds numerous certificates, including:

  • Qlik Sense Data Architect – confirms the ability to identify data model requirements, design and build models, and validate data.
  • Qlik Sense System Administrator – verifies skills in identifying requirements for environments, installing and configuring Qlik Sense Enterprise, managing environments, and troubleshooting.
  • Qlik Sense Business Analyst – used to assess the competencies to identify requirements, design apps, prepare and load data, and develop apps.
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Qlik BI BOX is an innovative JCommerce formula which allows you to test analytical packages on your own real data, free of charge for 30 days.

The package allows you to:

  • access data through attractive visualizations
  • analyze selected business processes
  • support multiple data sources
  • integrate with other reporting systems
  • integrate with internal portals and dedicated applications (so-called mashups)
  • customize data visualization to your needs
Qlik BI Box

Test the system free of charge by selecting the option:

Self-Service BI BOX

for analyzing your chosen individual business processes

In addition, after the trial period, you may decide to choose more advanced packages:

Standard BI BOX

An excellent solution for small and medium companies

Corporate BI BOX

A comprehensive solution for large enterprises

Qlik BI BOXSelf-Service BIStandard BICorporate BI
Maximum number of data sources52550
Maximum number of available dimensions and measures for analysis1050100
Personalization of the layoutNOYESYES
Maximum number of dashboards1020unlimited
Implementation of data access control mechanismsNOYESYES
Mashup, integration with current reporting systemsNONOYES
Number of training days after implementationkonsultacje w trakcie wdrożenia1 dzień2 dni
Post-deployment supportnie jest konieczneYESYES
Length of implementation process3 days1-2 monthsmore than 2 months

Only 3 steps to create a dedicated solution

Obrazek posiada pusty atrybut alt; plik o nazwie asset-03.png

We will identify your business needs related to data analysis.

Qlik Sense & QlikView - asset 04

We will define the area of analysis you are interested in.

Qlik Sense & QlikView - asset 05

We will ask for a package of your data in text files (.txt, .csv).

Reports most often chosen by our clients

Multidimensional sales analyses

They present relevant data by value or quantity, but above all they present performance indicators (KPIs) that we help define.


Qlik Sense & QlikView - Sprzedaz 1 1024x458 1

Qlik Sense & QlikView - Sprzedaz 2 1024x457 1

Cost analytics in the finance department

Presents accurate information on costs, i.e. their source and identification within segments and departments. Allows users to analyze cost centers and origins.


Qlik Sense & QlikView - Finanse 1 1024x457 1

Qlik Sense & QlikView - Finanse 2 1024x457 1

Management reporting in controlling

Creates a complete picture of the company, described with indicators (e.g. cash liquidity), which enables strategic decision-making and comparison with other companies on the market.

Qlik Sense & QlikView - Conrolling 1 1024x457 1

Qlik Sense & QlikView - Controlling 2 Analiza what if 1024x456 1

Business benefits which are most easily noticeable to managers:

Qlik Sense & QlikView - DIY

independent access to data without the support or supervision of an IT team

Qlik Sense & QlikView - zegar

shortened analysis execution time

Qlik Sense & QlikView - timer

reduced time of generating reports and accessing information


Why is it worth using the Qlik platform?

Integration of data processing

Qlik integrates data from different sources, such as ERP, CRM, ecommerce databases, customer service portals, and many more. Qlik solutions enable you to integrate all of the data to obtain a real Data Discovery tool.

In-memory technology

Qlik benefits from using in-memory technology in business analytics, which enables the data to be processed in real time; so it is not necessary to wait a long time for delegated analysis.

Associative engine

Qlik Sense lets you combine an unlimited number of data sources, no matter how large, and indexes all possible relationships to deliver rich, interactive data exploration and Data Discovery.

Comprehensive access to data

Data processed by Qlik is available on every device, and users can process it in both online and offline modes. Wide access to data for all employees means the ability to take full advantage of the capabilities of business analytics.

What is QlikView?

QlikView provides swift integration of all data from various sources, and enables better business analytics without the need for assistance from IT professionals.

The application itself is highly intuitive and easy to use and delivers great opportunities for self-maintenance and development.

  • Easy to use – simple and intuitive use of the platform,
  • Transparent reporting and analysis – data visualization in a meaningful and innovative way,
  • Scalability – immediate response time, with no restrictions on the amount of data,
  • Data Integration – fast integration of all data from various sources into a single application,
  • Identify trends – recognition of trends and information (which may not be immediately apparent) to help make innovative decisions,
  • Teamwork – common decision-making process and real-time collaboration security,
  • Full filtering data – search across all data – directly and indirectly,
  • Various forms of data presentation – the use of dynamic applications, dashboards and analyses,
  • Mobility – access, analyze and retrieve data from mobile devices,
  • Fast implementation – usually takes about a week,
  • Low cost – quick return on investment, thanks to the short implementation period.
What is Qlik Sense?

Qlik Sense is a self-service tool for business analytics, which counters most of the existing limitations of Business Intelligence tools.

Qlik Sense is a solution for companies whose employees want to explore and visualize their data independently, without the need for IT support and avoiding long waits during the analysis phase. Qlik Sense gives users the ability to create, modify, or expand visualizations.

Why is it worth using Qlik Sense?
  • Intuitive cockpit and report creation
    thanks to the drag-and-drop method, users can visualize analytical areas of interest,
  • Simplified licensing
    based on the token licensing model, which provides greater flexibility in managing licenses,
  • The ability to manually create extensions
    thanks to JavaScript open technology or the use of free, ready-to-use technologies available in the Qlik Community.


What does the Qlik Sense Mashup have to offer?

The Qlik Sense platform is based on popular state-of-the-art web technologies such as HTML5 and JavaScript, and also provides access to open APIs.

With Qlik Sense Mashup, you can develop the existing systems used in your company, such as SharePoint or your website, by adding Qlik Sense analytical functionality.

This solution also facilitates the creation of a universal portal that aggregates information both from the company and from the business environment through integration with any external data sources.

Qlik Sense Mashup is:

  • a limit on the number of systems that employees have to use to get the data they need,
  • the aggregation of data in one place so that it can be analyzed and visualized efficiently,
  • easy access to analysis for all employees using tools which they are familiar with,
  • the wider use of business analysis capabilities by employees, which directly translates into greater efficiency in the performance of their tasks.
What is the Vizlib extension library for Qlik Sense?

The extension library provided by Vizlib allows users to extend the Qlik Sense system’s capabilities by means of additional functionalities and types of visualization.

Some of the objects provide functionalities featured in Qlik View that have not been included in Qlik Sense, which is especially important for users who value Qlik View, but would also like to take advantage of the benefits that Qlik Sense brings.

JCommerce is an official partner of both Qlik and Vizlib, and our Business Intelligence specialists are able to provide the best solutions tailored to the business needs of our clients.

Objects that can be used after installing the Vizlib library:

  • Venn Diagram
  • Advanced Text Object
  • Activity Gauge
  • Scatter Chart
  • Pie Chart
  • Line Chart
  • Bar Chart
  • Filter
  • Calendar
  • Table
  • Story Timeline
  • Heatmap
  • Sankey Chart
  • Container
  • Pivot Table
  • KPI Designer

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