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JCommerce’s Apple engineers have experience in implementing Apple technologies at global corporations, and the number of macOS devices which they administer by means of the Jamf Pro system is in excess of 30,000.
They manage devices for business from such industries as banking, insurance, multimedia and press agencies. We not only offer the Jamf system, but also utilize it ourselves.

What is Jamf Pro? Learn how it helps organizations succeed with Apple devices and enabling it to empower end users.
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Mobile device management services case studies

In the presented case studies, we describe situations in which our customers struggled with outdated software, problems with antivirus software, troublesome device encryption and difficulties with implementation and lack of control over their status.

#1 Outdated software

A financial services provider had a problem with outdated software on their Apple computers. For security reasons, end-users had standard accounts and lacked the option of installing and updating the software themselves. All such tasks had to be carried out by the IT department.


We proposed that the client make use of the following functions of the Jamf Pro EMM software:

  • Self-Service – delivering applications, as well as updating them through the company’s app store.
  • Patch management – updates can be fully managed by administrators, thanks to which an update can be carried out automatically in the background or be voluntarily installed by the user, depending on its priority status.

An advantage of this solution is the ability to seamlessly install applications on user devices, as well as manage upgrades. The installation process itself is intuitive, and so does not require the user to have technical knowledge. The application is ready to function immediately after installation. It is also possible to provide a license, and to remove it at any time.

  • Advantages

Updates can be blocked and implemented in the client’s environment in certain situations when everything is completely prepared. This is important because some applications may not be compatible with the new version of the system. To avoid this, a series of tests are carried out to eliminate problems for the user.

This allows users to eliminate the risk of compatibility issues after upgrades, which may even lead to the system’s complete inability to reboot in extreme cases. Full control over the updating process also eliminates the risk of installing a modified update with malicious code in the event of the software provider’s update servers being hacked.

Additional benefits:

  • the possibility of global application management,
  • improving security,
  • eliminating a number of compatibility problems,
  • significantly reducing the number of failures,
  • savings in the IT department due to the reduced number of tasks,
  • driving end user productivity,
  • an increase in the level of user satisfaction.

#2 Problems with antivirus software

An international business had a centrally managed antivirus software, which was nonetheless divided into many servers and configurations due to differences between geographic regions. Each user had to choose the right software with the suitable setup, leading to cases of poorly chosen configuration or even a lack of antivirus software.


We proposed that the customer eliminate the need for manual configuration by automating the software installation procedure. Scripts carried out directly on the user’s device were implemented, which made it possible to identify the appropriate local server and choose the correct software configuration.


Thanks to the complete automation of the procedure, all Macos devices at the company were fitted out with current antivirus software with the appropriate configuration for the given location.

Additional benefits:

  • automation of the installation and setting up of antivirus software,
  • the ability to monitor the security of Apple devices,
  • remote, automated management of updates,
  • eliminating the risks associated with a lack of anti-virus protection on user devices.

#3 Problematic device encryption

The client’s protection policy required disk encryption on computers. Encryption was carried out by the IT department before handing the computer over to the employee. During the manual configuration, the user’s account was added to the list of those authorized to unblock / decrypt the disk. The ‘spare key’ generated in this process was transferred to an internal, secure database by the IT department.

After the departure of one of the key specialist, it turned out that there was an urgent need to access data on his computer, but the attempt to decrypt the disk with the saved key failed. As a result of human error, the key was incorrectly entered into the database, making it impossible to access the data on the computer. During the implementation of the device management system, the client particularly emphasized the need to eliminate the risk of such a situation occurring again in the future.


The Jamf Pro was used to automate the process of transferring the recovery key directly from the encrypted computer to the management platform.


The system was configured in such a way as to regularly verify the ability of the backup key to decrypt the disk, and the event log provides information about authorized users who attempt to read the key. In the event of any incompatibilities, it is possible to remotely update the recovery key on the computer and synchronize it with the management system.

Additional benefits:

  • access to all encrypted devices within the organization,
  • remote, fully automated encryption management,
  • the possibility of periodic verification of encryption keys on all devices.

#4 Difficulties in implementing new devices

A company from the media industry, whose employees were scattered around the world, had a device management system which was only available on the company’s network through a VPN. That solution meant that each new device had to be configured by the IT department, and significantly limited the subsequent possibilities for managing employees’ devices, some of which were essentially in the field on a permanent basis.


The migration of the system to the cloud and integration with Apple’s Device Enrollment Program turned out to be the optimal solution.


The migration of the system not only broadened the possibilities for device management regardless of where they were physically located, but also enabled the issuing of new devices directly from the supplier to employees working in the field (bypassing the local IT department), which significantly shortened this process and reduced costs.

Additional benefits:

  • the ability to manage Apple devices regardless of location,
  • increased control,
  • the shorter delivery process for new equipment,
  • lower IT costs.

#5 Lack of control over the state of devices

At a company with a large number of Mac computers, the IT staff were responsible for preparing and managing employees’ devices. However, when the company started to develop rapidly, it quickly turned out that the department was insufficiently equipped to manage the growing number of computers.


The company decided to implement the Jamf Pro, which helped it drastically reduce the workload and costs of the IT department. This was achieved by automating almost all processes related to preparing equipment for employees.

After the Jamf was implemented, it turned out that the client was particularly pleased with the possibility of advanced reports.


Thanks to monitoring of the installed applications and the current version in use, the usage and technical condition of mass storage, settings, as well as unique criteria implemented at the company’s request among others, it is possible to generate advanced reports which help the company to understand its employees’ equipment needs better. The conclusions drawn from the reports lead to the optimization of numerous internal processes, and facilitate more informed choices of applications and licensing methods, as well as the proactive verification of the technical condition of devices and monitoring of security.

Additional benefits:

  • automation of the process of new Apple device implementation and management,
  • monitoring the status of appliances and how they are used by employees,
  • procedure optimization,
  • the selection of applications and licenses that best meet the expectations of users,
  • employee satisfaction,
  • lower IT costs.

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