Java Developer

available from 10/02/2021


16 years experience

B2 English

Programming skills and competencies

Programming languages
Java, Groovy, TypeScript

Spring, Google Guice, Spring Boot, Hibernate, Junit, Spock, Mockito, Apache Tomcat, AspectJ, Lombok, Selma, MapStruct, JNI, JDBC, JAX-WS, JAX-RS, Java Servlet, JPA, JOOQ

Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL

Apache Wicket

IDEA, EMACS, Maven, Gradle, Jenkins, GitLab CI/CD, Docker, Docker Compose, Kubernetes, Ansible, Graylog, Grafana, ElasticSearch, Keycloak, Prometheus, Gradle, Maven, Liquibase , microservices

Selected projects

Project for German government agency

System for charging prices for using roads and highways.  It’s mainly batch processing system build in NodeJS using microservices architcture  depoyed to Azure cloud. There’s many integration points with varous payment providers and government data sources.
Technologies: NodeJS, RabbitMQ, Docker, Kubernetes, Azure, GitLab

Insurance platform

System for support entire operations of large insurance company. Project was created using microservices, Docker and Kubernetes was used to create infrastructure. Devops process was fully integrated between Jenkins, Git, Docker and deployments to cloud.
Technologies: Java8, Spring Boot, Swagger, JPA, Hibernate, Liquibase, Docker, Kuberentes, Keycloak, Prometheus, Graylog, Spock, Jenkins

Authentication Application

The project has been developed from scratch. Design and implementation of a Spring Boot microservice exposed as REST API and Swagger UI. The service responsibility integrates different voice and face recognition biometric providers. The API was then used to authenticate users within mobile app. I was also responsible for implementing continuous integration and deployment pipeline on top of Jenkins and Docker containers.
Technologies:  Java8, Lombok, Spring Boot 1.4.2, Spring Data Rest, Swagger, JPA, Hibernate, Liquibase, Guava, Docker, Ansible, RestAssured, Spock