PHP Developer

available from 01/11/2021


10 years experience

B2 English

Programming skills and competencies

Programming languages
PHP 5 & 7, Java, C#, JavaScript

Symfony, Zend, Magento 1.x, Typo3

SQL, PostgreSQL, MySQL, NoSQL, MongoDB

JavaScript, HTML, CSS

Zend, Symfony, PHPUnit, Doctrine, Composer, jQuery, Bootstrap, NodeJS, Java (Spring, MVC, JUnit

Selected projects

Application for managing an online store

The goal of the project was maintaining applications for managing online stores in magento 1.x technology, refactoring existing applications, rewriting applications to the reusable bundle in Symfony 3.4 technology. Technologies: PHP 5 & 7, Java, PHPUnit, JavaScript, Symfony, jQuery, Git, NodeJS, Magento 1.x, React

Online shop

Creating a store application from scratch, microservice-based architecture. The tasks included ERP implementation, application architecture, creating an internal application, f.ex. Intranet. Technologies: PHP 7, PHPUnit, JavaScript, Symfony 3, jQuery, Git, MySQL, Doctrine, Composer

An application to manage ads

In this project, the tasks consisted of developing the application store, refactoring applications for uploading warehouse states based on MongoDB. Technologies: PHP 5, Java, PHPUnit, JavaScript, Symfony, jQuery, SVN, Git, NodeJS, Angular, MongoDB


Techniques for Working Effectively with Source Code; Behavior- Driven Development