.NET Developer

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14 years experience

B2 English

B2 Italian

Programming skills and competencies

Programming languages
C#, T-SQL, JavaScript, TypeScript

.NET Framework, WinForms, WPF, ASP.NET WebAPI, Angular

Microsoft SQL Server, Firebird, MySQL, PostgreSQL

JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Angular, Bootstrap, npm, gulp

TDD: xUnit, Moq; BDD: SpecFlow, Jasmine; swagger; GIT, gitlab, BitBucket, SVN, TFS; SOLID principles and design patterns

Selected projects

Product life cycle management application

The goal of the project for an industrial company was to create a product life cycle management application. Many data can be configured in the application, f.ex. workflow or customer related elements. Technologies: ASP.NET, git, BitBucket, SQL Server, asmx web services, NUnit

Customer service system

A customer service system for managers related with printing services, which gives possibility to communicate with the customer easier. The system enables automatic document sending, selecting distribution channels such as e-mail or Facebook Messenger. Tasks involved updating the system architecture, adding new features or developing administrative panel for clients.  Technologies: ASP.NET WebAPI, swagger, Angular 4, git, gitlab, Entity Framework, SQL Server, asmx web services, xUnit, SpecFlow, Jasmine, WPF

Internet calendar

Highly customizable web control of multi-month calendar in Angular 2 with multiple day or period templates. The project was a part of proposal for transition from using the classic ASP.NET MVC + jQuery approach towards more separated SPA-backend to provide better testability of the application though additionally this control provided pure, out-of-Angular JavaScript API to be used for users with no Angular experience. Technologies: Angular 2, git


MCPS: Microsoft Certified Professional; MS: Programming in C#