Android Developer

available from 01/11/2021


12 years experience

C1 English

Programming skills and competencies

Programming languages
Java (JEE, Android), Kotlin, Swift, C#

MS SQL Server, IBM DB2, PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite, Realm

Android Studio, Xcode, Netbeans, Visual Studio

Selected projects

iOS & Android mobile app

Android and iOS application for issues and faults reporting, marking them on the map and sending workers in the field to complete tasks which were assigned to them. Technologies: Android (2.2 – 9.x), Java, Kotlin, iOS (9.0-12.x), Swift 4, SQLite 3, Realm, Mercurial/Git, various 3party libraries, Reactive programming (RxJava, RxSwift)

Android mobile app

Mobile app for client’s internal platform. Technologies: Android, SQL (PostgreSQL, SQLite 3), Mercuria/Git, various 3party libraries


IBM Certified Database Associate DB2 9 Fundamentals (730)