JCommerce specialists carry out a project in the field of development, maintenance and software tests of the conversation system.

Stanusch Technologies is a Polish provider of Artificial Intelligence solutions, such as chatbots and voicebots, based on the OmniChatbot platform. The company is developing its conversation system to improve customer service and needed support in working on its new version. As part of the project, we support the existing Scrum Team in the field of software development and Quality Assurance.

Thanks to the work carried out, it was possible to improve the quality of the code, which translated into better functioning of the application. Additionally, thanks to the refactoring of automated tests, it was possible to shorten their duration by half.

The client has over 140 implementations to their credit and in 2019 its chatbot Eva was among 10 most humanlike bots in the world in the international Loebner Prize competition.

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