A new issue of the Outsourcing Destinations Guide has been released, featuring an article by Piotr Zyguła, CEO of JCommerce, entitled: “Outsourcing of emerging technologies to Poland?”.

At JCommerce at the end of 2019, we set new directions for development, focusing on such solutions as machine learning, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, cloud solutions, DevOps services and Robotic Process Automation. Based on this, Piotr Zyguła described the state of play for companies facing the challenges of digital transformation, showing that they can take advantage of support in the development process thanks to the competences of Polish programmers.

Currently, this article is even more pertinent because digital transformation is particularly important for companies affected by the coronavirus epidemic. It is now worth building a strategy for efficient functioning in the online world.

We invite you to read the article by Piotr Zyguła in the Outsourcing Destination Guide 2020, in which he answers the following questions:

  • Why focus on emerging technologies in 2020?
  • What competences will be necessary to implement them?
  • What are the advantages of choosing Polish outsourcing companies?

Read the text: Outsourcing Destination Guide

The Outsourcing Destination Guide includes information on the possibilities, challenges and conditions of the Polish IT and BPO industry. The guide was founded by the German Outsourcing Association, and the publishers of the guide are Outsourcing Verband, Outsourcing Journal and Outsourcing and More.

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