The leading Swiss provider of surface solutions has started cooperation with JCommerce in the field of IT outsourcing services.

Oerlikon Metco had been seeking support for the development and maintenance of the company’s IT systems and solutions, and decided to cooperate with JCommerce in order to ensure the highest quality of software development.

All the joint projects are designed to add new functions to expand the range of the product’s features. New functions were implemented in accordance with the client’s specification in the Node.js environment. The projects were carried out entirely by JCommerce.

The goal of the first project was to create a communication app to operate a barcode scanner, which allows users to send and receive data from the scanner via WebSocket technology.

The development of a device communications manager application was the goal of JCommerce’s next project for Oerlikon, which began in December last year. The app enables the translation of all user interface messages into 15 languages supported by the client’s devices. The application supports the management of translations, as well as the search for duplicates and the exporting / importing of files containing message content.

However, in January we took over the development of an application used to manage the company’s industrial processes. The application allows users to monitor devices via sensors and to control operations from the browser and sends alerts in the event of exceeding the permissible values.

Oerlikon Metco is a Swiss-headquartered provider of high-quality solutions for finishing and surface working based on metal and ceramics, including powder injection, coating and soldering. The company sells its products in over 40 countries worldwide.

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