Inetum’s business development managers in the last quarter of 2022 will take part in the most important technology events, including the Web Summit, the major IT conference in Europe, where they will meet with key representatives of various market sectors.

For our sales department, Q4 2022 looks promising and will be full of events. In the last months of the year, we will visit 21 events in 8 countries. It will be an ideal opportunity to develop a network of contacts and build long-term relationships. We started the cycle of these events in September by participating in TECHSPO 2022 in London.

One of the main goals of taking part in these conferences is to observe the market and its development directions. As a technology company, we want to be up to date with trends in the industry, so you will meet us, among others, at Web Summit and European Cloud Summit.

Where else can we meet?

Małgorzata Trybuła-Mierzwa

Roma Astemberg

Przemysław Saniak

Bartosz Rybski

Kamil Straziński

Are you interested in meeting one of the events we visit? Write to us!