The JTester Academy 2020 was to start in November. Due to the dynamic epidemiological situation, we decided to resign from organizing this year’s edition.

The JTester Academy is an original JCommerce’s development program, thanks to which testers beginners can obtain their first experience in IT, and the best participants can start to cooperate with us. This year, the Academy was to start in November, and the program was intended for people who would like to start their adventure as an automation tester. Despite the fact that the initiative has met with huge interest and we have received a lot of inquiries, due to the dynamic epidemiological situation, we decided to postpone this year’s edition. 

We will provide you with information regarding the details at the earliest in the spring 2021 on our dedicated JTester’s Academy website and on our Facebook and LinkedIn profiles.

We do not resign, however, from our meetups for people hungry for knowledge: BiteIT that have moved to the online world. We encourage you to participate in the webinars – more information and schedule: BiteIT.

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