Implementation of Microsoft Power BI for Nest Bank. Another JCommerce’s project for a client from the financial industry!

Due to the industry in which it operates, Nest Bank needed a Business Intelligence system ensuring maximum data security. At JCommerce, we know the specificity of the banking sector and we have extensive project experience in this area. As a result, our specialists could propose an optimal solution, which was finally accepted and selected by the client. In order to meet the strict security standards, we have proposed the Power BI system with the local Power BI Report Server.

We supported the client in purchasing the necessary licenses, installing servers and conducted training for end users: the Bank’s business employees and administrators. They gained a comprehensive self-service tool, increasing reporting capabilities and facilitating everyday work. With Power BI, employees of the Bank can create reports on their own and share them with other users thanks to a dedicated reporting server, at the same time maintaining security and control over data.

In its operations, Nest Bank focuses on security, stability and transparency in the area of financial products provided to individual clients and entrepreneurs.  

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