JCommerce’s .NET specialists are involved in a software development project for a Swedish client. We use cloud technologies to develop a custom application.

Exevator (Global Staffing Nordic AB), a Swedish company specializing in IT consulting, has joined the group of JCommerce’s clients. We support the company in the development of a custom application for the target client. JCommerce’s .NET developers develop an existing application in an Agile model using Azure DevOps cloud solutions (Azure Boards, Azure Pipelines, Azure Repos).

The application uses a database that stores information on automotive spare parts, article prices as well as working times necessary to execute orders. The system facilitates the work of car repair shops, allowing you to easily perform the necessary repair calculations, and therefore speed up and improve the repair process.

The end client is a Swedish company that provides services, including in the field of car insurance, supporting the work of vehicle repair shops. Its solutions are currently used by 23,000 users.

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