JCommerce developers are supporting the Jamf team, a provider of the Jamf solutions used globally for connecting, managing and protecting Apple devices in the enterprise.

Jamf, of which we are a partner in Poland, asked us for support in the area of software development of its flagship product – the Jamf Pro system. Java programmers from JCommerce joined the development of the Jamf Pro tool.

As part of our nine-month cooperation, our developers will support the client team by creating a new backend and frontend layer. In addition, Java developers from JCommerce will develop and improve the quality of the Jamf Pro API. The work will be carried out using Front-End AngularJS technologies as well as Back-End technologies: Spring 4.x, Spring Security, Swagger 2.x, jackson, and JWT.

Jamf is the provider of software to help organizations connect, manage and protect their Apple devices, and is used by more than 34,000 businesses, hospitals, government and education organizations.

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