The Italian market leader in web hosting services on a European scale has become another Outsourcing-Client of JCommerce.

From the beginning of February we started programming in Microsoft .NET using Scrum methodology. In the first phase of the project 4 two-week sprints are planned simultaneously. The current project is the first stage of cooperation, as a result of the signed frame agreement, which includes the provision of cross-technology service support by JCommerce. The scope of the planned work, the wide range of technology, and the methodology for implementation of the project seem like a very interesting start to a future business relationship with a new partner from the south of Europe.

The main area of activity of our new Italian Client is a broad range of data hosting services. The company specializes in the registration of Internet domain names, hosting websites, maintaining and managing e-mail accounts, etc. Not only in Italy, but also in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, these services are considered to be the best in Europe (for our southern neighbours they are the number one). Currently, the company serves 2,000,000 domain names and manages 6,000,000 email addresses.

Further information connected with the project development will be published soon.

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