In cooperation with Solita, JCommerce is launching another outsourcing project for DNA, one of the leading companies from the Finnish telecommunications industry.

The project includes the development of the internet portal, created on the Liferay 7 DXP open-source platform. The number of third-party systems requiring integration and companies involved in the implementation process means that this project is of a long-term nature, making participation a big challenge. The tasks implemented by the JCommerce team of Java programmers aim to improve the key elements of the portal from the perspective of the presence of a virtual company, as well as the digital experience of its clients.

The most urgent tasks in the project include the unification of the user experience across various services, such as the sale of devices, telephone and TV subscriptions, Internet access, or the management of one’s own account and products, as well as the expansion of the portal’s information section.

This is the latest JCommerce project for DNA which is being carried out in cooperation with Solita, which is undoubtedly an expression of the trust and commitment between the two companies, developed thanks to the positive experience of previous joint projects.

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