At the Nove Mlyny lake in the Czech Republic, the best paragliding pilots competed in the 4th World Moto Slalom Championships. Our employee, the current bronze medalist of the Polish Slalom Championship, Michał Radka, was among 40 competitors from as many as 13 countries.

On September 11-16, the 4th World Air Paramotor Slalom Championships, organized by the World Air Sports Federation, took place. At that time, the best pilots presented their paraglider piloting skills.

Our Delivery Manager Michał Radka, who is outside the office, is a player of the Polish Aero Club national team and the current bronze medalist of the Polish Slalom Championships, is in the Polish representation. Michał shows perseverance and diligence not only in sports, but also in his professional life. As a Delivery Manager, he is responsible for coordinating the cooperation between the development team and clients from all over the world.

Delivery Manager Michał Radka at the World Championships - DSC 07221

What is the championship challenge?

Each of the representatives has the task to flawlessly and as quickly as possible overcome the stadium consisting of 5 pylons. 4 pylons are placed in a square measuring 80 m x 80 m, and the fifth is located in the center of the stadium. These types of flights are extremely difficult due to the speeds of up to 100 km/h. The time of flight is measured with a photocell. Speed and surface aren’t the only challenges. The championship participants use equipment that differs significantly from standard paragliders. These are very strong engines and aggressively twisting and above-average fast wings. No wonder that in order to participate in competitions, you need to develop a qualification in advance.

Inetum values

Michał is not the only specialist who breaks the stereotype of an IT employee who spends most of his time in front of a computer screen. Our employees fulfill themselves in both sports and art, becoming the embodiment of Inetum’s main values – ambition, commitment and excellence.