More companies use modern reporting and analytical tools – this time round we supported Respect Energy, offering a comprehensive solution based on Azure cloud services, Power BI, and the Snowflake platform.

We have completed the first phase of the project for Respect Energy, the aim of which was to present the client the possibilities of a fully cloud-based data warehouse architecture with its most important component: the Snowflake platform.

As part of further cooperation, together with the client, we are developing a corporate reporting and analytical solution, which aims to enable data-based decision-making both at the operational and strategic level. The architecture proposed by ourselves has huge capabilities, ranging from obtaining data from almost any source, through effective ad hoc analysis using a selected tool (e.g. Power BI), to analysis with use of Machine Learning algorithms.

What also motivates us in implementing the Snowflake-based architecture, is the amazing pace of implementing new functionalities without incurring additional administrative costs. Thanks to this we can focus on delivering real value for business users.

As a leader in Business Intelligence implementations and the official Snowflake partner, we are glad to support more companies looking for innovative solutions. Respect Energy is currently the only Polish provider of energy based 100% on a green energy mix.

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