Computerworld has published an jubilee 30h ranking of the best IT companies in Poland. JCommerce is once again one of the leading providers of test and Business Intelligence services.

The 5th place in Poland in software testing services and the 10th in the field of Business Intelligence, Big Data and Data Discovery – the results of the ranking of the best IT companies in 2022, according to Computerworld. Our mobile, web apps and websites development services (top 20) were also appreciated and JCommerce has proven its stable position among the top service providers in the cloud model (top 30). 

The report also highlights the strong position of JCommerce as a partner of the financial, healthcare, and media industries for which we have been developing software projects for many years now. 
Although the pandemic in 2020 left its mark on almost all business areas, today we can see that the IT industry is gaining momentum and, according to the Computerworld report, has grown by 20%. Next year we will be able to present our results as part of the Inetum Group.