The Computerworld report, the most important report on the market of IT service providers in Poland, has been published. JCommerce is high again in the rankings of Business Intelligence, Big Data and software testing providers!

For many companies, the Computerworld TOP200 is a real help in choosing the best IT service provider. The 2020 edition was released in unusual circumstances, during a pandemic, which the publishers call a “speed breaker”. The ranking, however, presents the results of companies from the IT sector from 2019, i.e. before the outbreak of the pandemic. Our position in the ranking of IT staff and service providers was stable and in 2019 we were again in the top 10, and in the ranking of custom software providers – in the top 20 in Poland.

Like the year before, we found ourselves in the group of leaders, taking high, 4th place in the ranking of the major software testing service providers. For many years, we’ve been focusing on the development of our Quality Assurance services, and our testers and QA teams have specialist knowledge and certificates of ISTQB, they conduct JTester’s academy classes and help adepts of the software testing art to develop their competences. Business Intelligence and Big Data teams for many years have also been our strength. In the latest ranking, we are again in the top ten of Business Intelligence, Big Data and Data Discovery providers. We are also getting closer top 10 in the ranking of mobile services providers (promotion to 11th place!)

The year 2019 brought us also promotions in other areas. The largest was recorded in the field of IT solutions and services for the commerce sector, where we were promoted by as many as 26 positions, and among providers of IT solutions and services for the banking sector. We are also glad to have a strong debut as a cloud service provider, with which in 2019 we complemented our offer in the area of Cloud Transformation.

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