In March, we started working on an innovative web and mobile platform in BIM technology for managing a long-term construction process.

The purpose of the innovative digital platform that we create from scratch is to store all the data of the entire investment process in one application. This will allow investors to monitor and manage investments in real-time, from one place, connecting all participants with the use of BIM (Building Information Modeling) technology. The user will have access to an interactive 3D model of a building, which he will be able to freely rotate, scale and select individual elements and view their specifications. This model is combined with full project documentation, cost evaluation and timeframe. The platform also has a built-in messaging function associated with the model as well as specific tasks and events to further improve communication between project teams, providers and consultants.

On the JCommerce side, the project team consists of over 20 people:  iOS, Android, .NET and React developers, manual and automation testers, business analyst, DevOps and Project Manager.

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