Dedicated solutions for the digital e-commerce platform


SECTOR: E-commerce and retail

SERVICES: Dedicated solution

AREA: JavaScript, PHP, React, SQL

TEAM: 18

Dedicated solutions for the digital e-commerce platform

We cooperate with the owner of one of the biggest e-commerce platforms serving over 2 million active customers through the store.


The client was looking for support in the area of dedicated business system development. After experiences related to outsourcing to India and Vietnam, the client decided to move the development closer to their headquarters, so that to ensure better control over the technological development of the system. Boozt expected high-quality communication skills from their nearshoring partner.

Scope of cooperation

During the cooperation which started in 2017, our team supported various types of software development projects, focusing mainly on PHP technologies.

We interviewed a number of different development companies and JCommerce stood out as a good partner for us. Both in terms of travel times but also tech resource availability and good infrastructure already in place. The developers we have used have all been very good technically and JCommerce is always listening to improvements we want to do in the team.

Tobias Sjölin, Project Director w Boozt
Dedicated ERP system

The aim of the project was to develop a self-designed ERP system in PHP technology using the Symfony framework. The system is integrated with other systems based on PHP technology, used by the client to manage the online store. The main task of the system was to streamline processes in the area of Finance and Warehouse, including handling orders.

Development of e-commerce platforms

A PHP team of 18 JCommerce developers supported the development of dedicated e-commerce platforms: and As part of the project, the team was involved in creating a number of services aimed at developing capabilities of the platform, including:

  • partner program management portal,
  • suppliers service portal,
  • BMP project, including support in planning marketing activities and managing relations with brands and advertisers,
  • file management within Google Cloud Platform.

While carrying out a project, the team was also responsible for providing services to improve communication with the client’s partners and suppliers, as well as for tools for financial management and logistics.

Best practices
  • A face-to-face project kick-off, when the team learned about Boozt’s standards and practices, project goals, schedule and scope.
  • Daily communication via the Slack platform.
  • Daily and weekly teleconferences to monitor project progress and make adjustments to the schedule accordingly.
  • Creating a Team Leader’s role at JCommerce.
  • Ensuring direct contact between developers and business representatives.
  • Active client participation during the implementation of the project – the possibility of rotating developers between the client’s projects.
  • Dedicated development center with elements of Boozt branding, which has positively impacted developers’ involvement and identification with client’s project.
  • Team building including on-site visits and participating in various initiatives such as Business Run.
  • Joint participation in the PHPers Summit Tech conference.
  • Support for diversity in the project team.

The developers have provided an excellent service to our full satisfaction and have all been highly skilled and communicative, although the assignments have been very complicated and ambitious. JCommerce has been a professional and flexible partner with a full understanding of our requirements and priorities.

Jesper Brøndum, CTO w Boozt

PHP, Symfony, React, MySQL, JavaScript, Google Cloud Platform.

Benefits for the client
  • Support of a strong, competent PHP team.
  • Long-term partnership translating into better cooperation.
  • A set of the best practices to improve the process of project implementation, e.g. the use of Kanban methods.
  • Effective communication and team building thanks to nearshoring support.
About the client

Boozt Fasion AB is the owner of the and stores, offering a fashion range of over 400 Scandinavian and international brands.


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