We are testing a document automation web app being developed by a tech company from Austria

COUNTRY: International project


SERVICES: Dedicated solution, Software testing


We are testing a document automation web app being developed by a tech company from Austria

An Austrian tech company located in Vienna helps their clients around the world to efficiently manage business data within the organization. As part of the development of the company’s document management app, they are supported by software testers from JCommerce.

The client’s solution

A cross-platform app (mobile, web and desktop) for managing documents and categorizing them accordingly. The system allows documentation to be indexed and archived in an automated manner. For example, it is possible to automate the flow of invoices using a mailbox. Our client’s solution is used by external companies (e.g. Canon) as well as internally.

The need for web application testing

Our client had a team of testers, but did not have adequate competences in the area of web app testing in their team. It was also important for the client to minimize app errors in the development environment.

Project in an international environment
  • Learning the details about a large project and getting started in the work on the development of a cross-platform app.
  • The project is being executed remotely in an international environment – the entire project is in English, and communication is facilitated by a Scrum-Kanban model of collaboration.
Sharing knowledge of good practices in testing area

A Test Engineer from JCommerce, who has 5 years of experience in automated testing of web apps, joined the client’s four-person team, taking responsibility for that area of the project. In order to get to know the specific character of the project, our engineer took part in a week of implementation training, which was also an opportunity to get to know the team better, including other testers who conduct tests of desktop and mobile apps.

Our software tester shared his knowledge of good practices and the latest standards used in modern web app testing. He suggested new tools and a change in the approach to writing test scenarios. Thanks to the transfer of know-how, it was possible to involve manual testers in the process of creating test scenarios for automated tests, and the tests now take place on three browsers. We use CI / CD tools to manage the code of the automated tests.

Customer benefits
  • Twice as many software tests carried out – the company continues to develop the app and subsequent tests are being added on an ongoing basis.
  • New tools – improvement of the ways the Selenium framework is used.
  • Adding the possibility of testing on Firefox.
  • Know-how and knowledge about good practices in the field of web app testing

Technologies and tools

Quality Assurance, .NET, C#, Selenium for UI testing, Postman – API testing, SQL Management Studio, Microsoft Hyper-V, TFS – CI / CD

About the client

Austrian company, offering a wide range of tools from flexible workflow module, integration with existing systems, management, mobile access and data capture tools.


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