System development and support in the implementation of the Backbase Omni-Channel Banking Platform

COUNTRY: Netherlands


SERVICES: Dedicated solution

AREA: Android, Angular, DevOps, iOS, Java, JavaScript, Kotlin, TypeScript

System development and support in the implementation of the Backbase Omni-Channel Banking Platform

We take part in a greenfield FinTech project, the aim of which is to create an innovative solution dedicated to the banking sector, which is to change the face of the industry.

The need

Backbase provides FinTech solutions to over 120 banking institutions around the world. The main area of operation is the implementation of the EBP (Engagement Banking Platform), the purpose of which is to improve digital financial operations. Due to the dynamic development of the platform and customers’ needs, Backbase decided to set up an R&D center in Poland, and the first step was to find a nearshoring partner.

Client’s system

The client’s platform allows companies from the financial and banking sector to create applications, both web and mobile, that will help in achieving their goals without interfering with existing systems. The tool helps to address market needs in the field of UX and mobile banking, especially in the context of trends such as Digital Banking or Digital Sales. Thanks to the Backbase platform, banks can provide their customers with applications that can be used on any type of device, as well as additional services. 

  • Setting up Backbase development center in Krakow and efficient onboarding of a team consisting of Back-End, Front-End and mobile developers, as well as automation testers. 
  • Ensuring high-quality financial services security standards, among others by building a team consisting of specialists with experience in the FinTech and banking sectors. 
  • Remote onboarding and readiness to cooperate with other project teams. 

Within a few weeks, 15 specialists joined the Backbase team, including Java, Front-End and mobile engineers, as well as software testers and a Scrum Master. After eight months, the cooperation included two teams, consisting of 40 specialists in total. The first team developing the Customer Success project was responsible for the mobile area, while the second R&D team created new modules for the Backbase platform.

From the very start of building the Development Center, JCommerce played a significant role in accelerating the growth in both areas – R&D and Professional Services.

Engineering Manager at Backbase

While implementing new functionalities, Java developers used modern technologies, including Java 11, AWS Cloud, Spring Boot and Kubernetes. The project is implemented based on the Agile methodology, and the teams can independently choose the technologies and tools to use. The testers involved in the process ensure that the high-quality of functionalities is maintained, with nearly 100% code coverage with unit tests.

The architecture in the project was entirely built on the basis of microservices, which facilitates the management and introducing changes to the platform’s functionalities. Next, solutions created by JCommerce teams are implemented by a dedicated team on the client’s side.  

We treat JCommerce consultants in the same way we treat our own employees. Simply they create one team working together on a daily basis

Engineering Manager at Backbase
Benefits for the client
  • Support of the best Java developers in Poland. 
  • The flexibility and quick response of the Provider whenever there is a need to scale teams. 
  • Independent and highly-competent team 
  • Dedicated Delivery Manager and Business Development Manager coordinating the cooperation. 
  • Dedicated project website, helping to promote and build the image of Backbase in Poland. 

Java, Microservices, Spring, Core, Spring Cloud, Security, Maven, HTTP Protocol, Docker, K8s, CI / CD, Apache Camel, DB, JPA, JavaScript (Angular 2+), Typescript, RxJs, CSS (SASS) and HTML, Bootstrap, AngularJS, NPM & Node, Swift, Objective C, Kotlin, Selenium, Protractor, Espresso, XCUITest. 

About the client

Backbase Europe BV – Dutch provider of software for the FinTech industry. 


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