FinTech software development and testing

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FinTech software development and testing

Our client develops a leading platform in the financial market that enables fast execution of transactions across more than 5,000 markets, including currencies, indices, equities and bonds. The company was looking for a nearshoring partner experienced in the latest technologies to build a long-term collaboration in software development and testing of the FinTech platform.

The system

The platform is an original, custom client’s solution. It has a web and a mobile versions allowing you to buy, sell contracts, place stop-loss final orders, use leverage, etc.

Challenges in the project

  • Extensive Technology Stack – the platform uses a variety of technologies and tools that are connected via dozens of small APIs.
  • Conducting tests at unit level is not possible.

FinTech software development

Web and mobile platforms use a common API and integrate with different services via dozens of smaller APIs. In August 2021, our first .NET developer joined the project to rewrite outdated API connections into newer microservice technologies. The JCommerce specialist also carried out tasks that require programming in pairs, which fosters development of a high-quality code.


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Automated testing

After a successful start of the collaboration, automating testers from JCommerce joined the project. Because of the number of technologies used (so-called polyglot services), developers cannot perform unit testing (tests at the unit level would require engaging an additional, highly expertized developer). The versatile gRPC platform is to link all these modules, for which the customer did not have any test tools chosen. The client also needed support in creating test concepts and test cases based on user stories. Our testers outlined a test concept and suggested using Python and Robot Framework for automated testing, which would then be integrated into cloud-based tools for Continuous Integration and Continuous Development (CI / CD).

Benefits for the client
  • Modification of C# code in the old technology,
  • Modification of stored procedures based on the new table structure in SQL Server,
  • API review and deletion of unused connections in consultation with other specialists engaged in the project,
  • Creating test concept and running automated tests

Technologies and tools

Development: .NET Core 3. 1, SQL Server, SQL Server with Stored Procedures. Dapper, Hazelcast, NUnit, xUnit, Git, Bitbucket, Bamboo, Octopus Deploy, Microservices, .NET Framework 4. 5, ASP. NET, jQuery, LINQ to SQL, JIRA, Confluence. In the future also: containers (Docker, Kubernetes, AWS)

Automated testing: Python, Robot Framework, gRPC


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