Dedicated platform for a greenfield system

COUNTRY: Germany


SERVICES: Dedicated solution

AREA: DevOps, Java

Dedicated platform for a greenfield system

Project description

The project, implemented with the support of JCommerce employees, concerned the document circulation system and in particular the processing of contracts for a company from the insurance industry. The main goal of the project was to create a dedicated solution for comprehensive management of the insurance platform, consisting of several micoservices based on Java technology. The solution included the sales system, managing the customer base and contracts, processing apllications, payments, reports, etc. One of the challenges in the project was linking all microservices and with each other, as well as with the data on the outdated platform.

The team consisted of 25 people, which included the project coordinator, Scrum Master, architect, business analyst, Front-End developer, Java programmers and software testers. The project was implemented in the DevOps model using techniques such as Test Driven Development, Continous Deployment and the Scrum methodology.

They’re really flexible with organizing around your needs. We have a lot of development requests for resources, to which they react quickly and provide good candidates.

Steffen Wernert, Senior Project Manager at Core Transform GmBH

JAVA, MongoDB, Microservices, React, HTML5, Material UI, Redux, jQuery, CSS3

About the client

CORE Transform GmBH – German company supporting organizations and institutions in the process of digital transformation, as an IT service provider.

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