The use of Business Intelligence tools in Poland

| | 15.07.2021

Using analytical and reporting tools – is it just a trend? Or maybe Business Intelligence tools are a “must have” of every organization? We conducted a study in which, with the help of Business Intelligence experts and companies using tools for data analysis, we checked the state of use of Business Intelligence systems in Poland.

Download our report and find out:
  • What are the most important trends in the Business Intelligence sector in 2021?
  • What is the level of Business Intelligence tools’ implementation in Polish companies?
  • What holds organizations back from using tools for data analysis? How to overcome obstacles and start using the potential of data?

Download our report today and check which Business Intelligence tools are the most popular on the Polish market. Read Business Intelligence case studies and get to know interesting insights and opinions of experts. Take advantage of the knowledge and experience of JCommerce’s specialists and companies that successfully use analytical and reporting tools.


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