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As an outsourcing company, JCommerce is at the heart of technological transformation, which is why we feel changes in the tempo of business matter more than they do for companies from outside the industry. There are technologies that cause many companies to hold their breath because of the challenges they bring in terms of implementation. As an outsourcing partner since 2005, we not only observe technological changes, but most importantly we operate according to their rhythm and thus facilitate the adaptation to our clients. Below I present a list of areas that we will pay special attention to in 2020 and in which we will be developing JCommerce’s services.

Artificial intelligence

The increasingly rapid development of artificial intelligence solutions in recent years brings expectations, challenges, fears, opportunities, but also changes. IDC predicts that by 2025, 75% of companies will invest in employee training. This is the answer to competency shortages resulting from the need to implement AI tools. Until recently we talked about being “data-driven”, so today companies are increasingly willing to be “AI-driven”, which in the future will probably result in specific, impressive figures reflected in statistics. According to reports prepared by PWC, the impact of artificial intelligence on the global economy by 2030 may amount to as much as 15.7 trillion dollars, of which a large part is the expected income gained thanks to increased productivity.

Machine learning

Machine learning is used in many industries: finance, healthcare, sport, recruitment, automotive, logistics, production, marketing and sales. The use of the full potential of this technology is still ahead of us, but machine learning algorithms already enable the automation of many repetitive processes. At JCommerce, we use machine learning competences, developing solutions for one of the biggest banks in Europe. In 2020, we would like to continue moving in this direction.

Digital platforms

A trend that is increasingly visible is the rising demand for digital platforms. Many of our clients and partners ask about solutions that enable the integration of various systems and the creation of B2C platform. At JCommerce we have a history of successful implementations, i.e. for the Swedish company Boozt. We are currently working on a project for a client from the e-commerce industry.

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic automation of business processes is another technology that we are keenly observing. The basis of RPA functioning is software robots that are able to perform repetitive tasks in many business industries in an automated manner. RPA increasingly often uses mechanisms of artificial intelligence and machine learning (hence the common name RPA II). The main advantages are scalability and quick return on investment (ROI) in implementation, as well as significant time savings thanks to the automation of repetitive processes. How significant? According to Gartner’s calculations, the use of this technology in finance can allow users to save up to 25,000 hours per year (which comes out to $878,000). At JCommerce, we use the competences of our RPA developers to implement projects, and have strong competences in the .NET programming language often used in RPA.

Cloud services

The cloud has been growing in strength since 2006, when Amazon launched its Amazon Web Services for the first time. We currently have the choice of numerous vendor services, and high computing capacity, efficiency and scalability are the benefits which convince more and more companies around the world to opt for the cloud. According to available statistics, in 2018 the use of traditional on-premises infrastructure reached 38% on a global scale, while two years later this figure has fallen to 17% and there has been a 10% increase in the use of Software as a Service and hosting applications in the cloud. The cloud market in Poland is following global trends. According to the IDC report, expenditure on cloud services in Poland is expected to grow at a rate of 15.7% per year by 2023, and the dynamic development of this sector will translate into greater interest in consulting services. Building and implementing the cloud strategy in 2020 will be one of the most important business challenges. At JCommerce, we respond to these needs by offering cloud transformation services, including the development of applications that fully utilize the potential of cloud solutions.

DevOps team services

More and more companies are betting on the cloud, hence the growing interest in DevOps services. DevOps is a popular approach in this area because it translates into particular benefits. DevOps teams use practices such as Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery to ensure faster implementation and minimize the risk of any negative consequences. At JCommerce we receive many queries regarding cooperation with DevOps teams and we are constantly developing our skills, striving to achieve competences such as DevOps Gold to ensure the highest quality when it comes to the implementation and maintenance of cloud services.

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is one of the fastest-growing technologies. Lighting, thermostats and watches – everything that surrounds us is “smarter” by the day. Business is increasingly willing to take advantage of this, and the Internet of Things is not only used in Industry 4.0. Intelligent printers, indoor activity monitoring devices (some kind of heat maps of offices) or tracking one’s own resources (e.g. asset trackers) are some of the most interesting solutions. In business, IoT translates into cost savings and optimization of the use of resources. According to a Microsoft report, 88% of companies using Internet of Things solutions claim it is an integral part of strategy for the success of their organization. According to the same source, by the end of 2021, 94% of companies will be using IoT solutions. The main challenges in terms of implementations are e.g. technical complexity and lack of access to qualified specialists or lack of sufficient knowledge. Programming competences in the field of languages such as Java, C, C ++ and Python are necessary here. At JCommerce, we have successful IoT implementations to our credit; one of the most interesting projects was the delivery of diagnostic software to a client from the HealthTech industry.  


At JCommerce, we are aware that dynamic digitalization – in which we support our partners – translates into specific expectations, including in the field of cybersecurity. We wish to comprehensively support digital transformation, providing a full range of services tailored to the needs of the market. We hope that the solutions we provide will allow our partners to take a deep breath and develop in step with the rhythm of the most important technological trends in 2020.

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