What’s up in IT? The most interesting topics in the technology industry in October 2020

Agata Padalska | What's up in IT | 04.11.2020

tematy branży technologicznej w październiku 2020

The end of the year actually means the beginning of forecasts and predictions of technological trends for 2021. A lot is going on in the financial and e-commerce industries, and the digitization of enterprises continues apace. We have collected the hottest topics from the IT world – find out what’s going on in the IT industry!

Internet of Behaviors, Total Experience and, invariably, the cloud

Which technologies are worth watching in 2021? Analytical companies such as Gartner and Forrester have published reports which are keenly awaited by all enthusiasts of new technologies year after year. The role of automation, AI and the cloud, which is the big winner in this year’s digital transformation game, is consistently strong. According to research, next year 30% of companies will increase spending on cloud solutions, as well as security and mobility. There are also new “game changers”, such as the Internet of Behaviors (various location tracking technologies, facial recognition etc.) and Total Experience (combined User, Employee and Customer Experience powers for a better experience in distributed organizations). And this is just the beginning of the pandemic’s impact on technological changes.

Developers in the new reality

The end of the year is also a time for conclusions, and the world of developers and software development has been marked by COVID-19-related changes. The State of the Developer Nation Q3 2020 report presents the latest technological trends and highlights new challenges. Developers indicate the need for more flexibility in their working hours to reconcile work tasks and remote work. In terms of technology, JavaScript (12.4 million active users), Python (9 million) and Java (8.2 million) are dominant, and the DevOps methodology is growing in strength. Where will the developers write lines of code from? According to the analytical company CSS, the home office is here to stay, and in 2022 more than half of companies will still be working remotely.

Big Data specialists and security system engineers are in demand

Every item of technological news from overseas also reaches Poland in time. The American Employment Agency published a report on the most valued developer profiles in 2021 – according to forecasts, Big Data engineers and security systems engineers will be the most in-demand professions. It is worth including them in your budgets now.

According to the new State of IT report, next year’s IT budgets will be reserved primarily for infrastructure modernization, the cloud, cybersecurity and everything that is related to remote working. The authors of the report indicate that companies will implement these solutions at the expense of investments in the latest technologies, because adapting to new challenges will now be more important than innovating.

Autumn in Cupertino – what Apple fans have been waiting for

In autumn, all eyes of Apple enthusiasts are on Cupertino. The next edition of the Apple Event took place online on October 13, showcasing new models of the iPhone 12 that we have been waiting for, among others. The security of Apple computers and the protection of devices against cyber-attacks were also widely discussed; this was also an important topic of the international JNUC 2020 conference, at which our Apple Systems Engineer Adrian Walaszek gave a short expert lecture.  

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Digital transformation and technological innovations

An increasing number of companies operating in Poland are implementing digital transformation plans. According to the Dell Digital Transformation Index, which measures the level of digitization, the Polish average is 81%, which is higher than the global average. But digitization is not only about big companies. Small and medium-sized companies that do not have development teams will also be able to benefit from Machine Learning. Such a possibility is offered by the application Lobe, which selects the appropriate algorithm model and starts training without the need for configuration by the user. Will this lead to the even more widespread use of ML?

Certainly, Artificial Intelligence helps an ever wider group of users; it will now be an important ally for humanists, history researchers and artists. For example, AI specialists are working on a system that will be able to decipher texts in unknown languages based on just a few thousand words. Machine Learning, combined with other technologies and tools, also gives amazing results in photography. Thanks to this technology and the use of Photoshop, photorealistic photos of 54 Roman emperors were created.

The e-commerce industry is growing…

The importance of e-commerce services is growing due to the pandemic. Compared to February 2020, online sales increased by approx. 80 percent in March and April, and a number of new online shops appeared in the first half of the year. According to forecasts, the Polish e-commerce market is to exceed a value of EUR 15 billion in 2023. A Polish e-commerce giant is also breaking new records. After its debut on the stock exchange, Allegro is growing ever stronger and pulling the WIG20 up with it. According to the PwC report “IPO Watch Europe”, thanks to the strong global debut of Allegro, the Warsaw Stock Exchange was ranked 2nd in Europe, and Allegro itself had the 8th strongest stock exchange debut in the world. Allegro is currently valued at PLN 93 billion. Is the sky the limit?

…as are FinTech and the financial industry

Acceleration in e-commerce has had an impact on the financial and FinTech industries, which are dynamically developing and driving the economy. The importance of open banking and embedded finance is growing, and cashless payments are becoming the new standard. The wide range of solutions that make doing business easier for small and medium-sized enterprises easier is becoming ever more interesting. Due to the pandemic, companies from the financial industry offering Wealth Management services have had to change their investment priorities, focusing on innovation and cloud solutions.

Team management and self-development in the new normal

In the context of the pandemic, attention is increasingly paid not only to technologies, but also to the role of soft skills, including in IT companies. How to accelerate the software development process, and at the same time avoid demotivating a team that is facing new challenges? Among other things, the adaptation of agile methodologies plays an important role here: using Scrum or DevOps, outlining a digitization strategy, and taking advantage of new technologies and new processes. According to the McKinsey Report, 47 percent of companies that have implemented this strategy saw organic growth of 10 percent or more. Managing in the IT industry requires both technical skills and the ability to manage projects and processes. There are certificates that IT managers should keep an eye on (or even better, have them in their portfolio), such as:

  • AMA Certified Professional in Management,
  • Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM),
  • Certified in the Governance of Enterprise IT (CGEIT),
  • Certified ScrumMaster (CSM).

For years, Scrum Master has been on the list of professions of the future, and the contribution of Scrum Masters to software development includes greater efficiency, better teamwork and a better understanding of tasks and processes by Developers.


New technological trends, the growing importance of digitization, the strengthening of the e-commerce sector and the dynamic development of the financial industry are important issues that the technology industry is observing with bated breath at the end of 2020. And what have you, the reader, found most interesting? What fascinating news from the IT world have you come across recently?

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