Jamf Now – Apple mobile device management for small companies

Adrian Walaszek | Mobile | 06.11.2019

Jamf Now – zarządzanie urządzeniami Apple dla małych firm

Jamf Now is the younger brother of Jamf Pro, which is a system for managing Apple devices in companies. Although classified as lightweight software, it provides great opportunities for small businesses willing to develop efficient Apple devices management strategy. The system is free of charge for the first three iOS or MacOS end-users registered; others can be added in a flexible “per device” licensing model. In today’s article we present an overview of the most important functions of Jamf Now, which are helpful in running micro- and small enterprises.

Verified solutions for Apple devices management

Jamf provides several variants of MDM solutions for Apple mobile device management in companies:

  • Jamf Pro – enterprise-class solution for business,
  • Jamf Now – a basic solution for small companies,
  • Jamf School – a solution for education,
  • Jamf Connect – for all industries.

Jamf Now vs Pro

The Jamf Pro tool is popular among large companies, and, according to G2 “Spring 2022” Report, the leading Enterprise Mobility Management solution for Apple inventory management. Jamf Pro owes its popularity mainly to the fact that it allows for integration with the existing IT infrastructure including Active Directory, Certificate Services, Azure or MFA solutions.

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Currently, small business looking for proven solutions for managing Apple infrastructure can use a proven tool. Jamf Now, a cloud-based MDM solution will work in a situation in which the enterprise does not yet fully utilize all enterprise-class solutions. Here we are talking mostly about developing companies, new start-ups as well as micro- and small enterprises (up to 10 and 50 employees, respectively). Jamf Now is a light version of Jamf Pro which allows you to manage both Macs and iOS devices. At the same time, it is equipped with all the most important functions which are useful for small organizations including condition tracking, remote configuration, updates deployment etc.

Based on the Jamf Now reviews, it has been rated by G2 as a top provider of MDM solutions for mid-sized companies, including the best Return on Investment (ROI) and the fastest and easiest deployment of MDM solutions for the SME market.

Jamf Now features – the most important use

1. Apple device management

Jamf Now allows you to create a full asset list of iOS devices and Macs used in the company along with their specifications. This is particularly important in small companies which do not have a separate information technology department. Entrepreneurs using Jamf Now know the installed version of each device’s operating system, encryption status, last reporting date or available disk space. In addition, the solution supports the introduction of new employees and the return of equipment by people who leave the company (i.e. onboarding and offboarding of employees).

2. Access management

When transferring a phone or computer to a new employee, you do not have to worry about locking the device or asking the previous user to unlock it. In case the phone is lost, the Jamf Now system allows you to delete the data or lock it remotely. In turn, should the employee forget the password to unlock the screen, it is possible to easily set a new access key.

3. Device Registration

Jamf Pro’s younger brother supports device registration in small companies. The tool integrates with Apple Business Manager – a free helpful online solution that enables the registeration of iOS and Mac devices in Jamf Now without preparing them beforehand. Thanks to the Apple Business Manager IT administrators are able to deploy and configure Apple devices from one place. It also facilitates the distribution of software from the App Store to users without the need to use employees’ Apple ID.

4. Set-up

Easy of use and a clear Jamf Now interface which allows you to manage the configuration of email accounts, Wi-Fi or VPN networks or activate security rules. More discerning administrators can upload their own configurations or applications which are not available in the Apple store.

5. Security rules

As part of the security rules, the company may limit the creation of screenshots or screen recording by employees or block connection to external devices (e.g. computers or USB sticks) as well as limit the manual installation of configuration profiles. Security rules help to protect company data thanks to activating encryption and the use of password-defining rules. For the company, this is a form of protection against the consequences of data disclosure and severe penalties imposed by the Personal Data Protection Office. The tool allows you to separate corporate and private data. Thanks to this solution, the former is only available within applications managed by Jamf Now.

6. Information kiosks

It is worth mentioning a useful function which supports devices (e.g. iPads) that act as information kiosks. Such devices display content from a specific application in public places. Thanks to Jamf Now, it is possible to launch an application from which the content is downloaded in so-called “single app-mode”. Thanks to this, a random person using the device will not be able to leave the application used by the device.

Jamf Now vs Pro

Jamf Now

Jamf Now

Jamf Now

Technical support for small business

Small companies using Jamf Now can also count on technical support from Jamf. There is the possibility of consulting the operator via chat or submitting an email inquiry. Furthermore, the solution provider also offers access to the Jamf Now Help Center knowledge base. Users will find video materials and articles which can help to get started with Jamf Now as well as information on security and key functionalities.

How to manage devices with Jamf Now. The first steps

The company can use the first three devices within Jamf Now completely free of charge and without any obligations. This form allows you to test all the most important functions, including integration with Apple Business Manager. After registering more devices, the enterprise can easily control the cost of maintenance – it is billed monthly.

Do you run a small company, and would you like to manage your Apple devices? Test Jamf Now for free! Register at signup.jamfcloud.com.

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