Jamf Connect – identity management reimagined

Adam Kostecki | Apple for business | 16.09.2020

Jamf Connect – nowy wymiar zarządzania tożsamością

Picture this. Your employee needs a computer for work. They are miles away from the headquarters of your company, and miles away from the IT department. They need a new device, so they go to the shop to buy a Mac. So far so good. They unbox the new Mac and power it up. You sign in using a set of cloud-identity credentials. Then you get access to all corporate applications and resources. As simple as that. You are equipped with the necessary tools at the flick of a switch. This is standard when you have Jamf Connect implemented in your organization.

Challenges of the new reality

We experience the new reality when it comes to the organization of work. Remote work, distributed structure, no physical access to the IT department, to name but a few. Many companies are making remote work a part of the organizational standard. Working from home is not just an option anymore. It is becoming standard procedure. Twitter says: “Opening offices will be our decision; when and if our employees come back will be theirs”, and plans to allow their employees to continue working from home permanently if they so desire.

All of this creates new challenges we have to face, related to security and logging in to the network:

  • How to easily provide employees with access to corporate resources and applications?
  • How to ensure the security of documents and files?
  • How to manage employees account and solve login-related issues?

Jamf Connect – a brand new login experience

Jamf Connect provides you with the ability to use a single identity for access to devices and resources. A cloud-identity credential delivers a new user experience in terms of setup and everyday logins. Unified login credentials are in use across all devices and applications in the company.

It is much easier for the IT department to manage all the Macs in the organization remotely, and the Apple administrators gain a tool allowing them to maintain better control over user access. Identity management might be the easy part.

Unsecured networks and unauthorized users always give the IT security team sleepless nights. Thanks to the constant monitoring of all devices (where devices are being used and by whom) we can implement compliance standards across all devices and users.

Jamf Connect – identity management reimagined - 27.05 jpro Jamf Protect overlay 600
Jamf Protect is a new tool for Mac admins helping them to keep devices secure.
Mac devices are considered the safest, but if used carelessly, they can be targeted for attacks. How to protect macOS devices during remote work? Discover capabilities of the Jamf Protect system.Read the article

Jamf Connect – the advantages for organizations

Not only will your employees benefit from this identity management solution, but Jamf Connect will translate into specific advantages for your organization.

  • Reduced number of password reset-related tickets
  • Improved efficiency of employees who do not have to deal with IT issues and can focus on their tasks
  • Administrators keep Mac devices and data secure
  • There is no need to bind the device to the domain
  • Easier account provisioning

Forever in sync

User passwords can be synchronized between the cloud-identity provider and the local Mac account. No need to waste time logging in or on getting access to applications over and over again. Not to mention password-related help desk requests, of which there are almost none. A forgotten password doesn’t cause bottlenecks anymore. According to Okta, a single password reset request costs companies an average of $70.


A solution that guarantees a reduction in both volumes of help desk tickets and factors which may get in the way of productivity is at your fingertips. Jamf Connect provides a hassle-free way to undertake identity management by remotely managing users, passwords and access to corporate resources and applications. No time or money is wasted.

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