Jamf – a better user experience for Apple users

Anna Valkenburg | Apple for business | 16.10.2019

Jamf – lepszy user experience dla użytkowników Apple

Even with a couple of Apple devices in the company, it is worth investing in a tool for management. This will give the IT department the opportunity to supervise the devices, and employees will benefit from the ease of use that Apple equipment is famous for. I professionally advise business users on how to utilize the entire potential of Apple devices, which of course means that I also use the MacBook and iPhone in my daily work. Today I will talk about using macOS and iOS devices managed with Jamf Pro from the perspective of my own experience as a user.

Why use Apple?

The financial results of the Cupertino giant show that interest in Apple products is still high, particularly in business. In the third quarter of 2019, Apple reported sales of USD 53.8 billion, noting high revenues thanks to sale of services, Mac computers and accessories. Apple devices are also used in Polish companies with increasing frequency. What is the secret behind such a level of interest in the brand and why is Apple so popular? One of the main factors is the infallibility of Apple devices, resulting in a better user experience.

Jamf Pro statistics

Why use Jamf Pro?

Jamf Pro is a dedicated solution for the Apple ecosystem. It provides full support and is always ready to manage the latest iOS and macOS operating systems. It is also the highest rated and most frequently chosen EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management) solution by clients. Its simple interface and a wide range of functionalities ensure the full integration of Macs with the company environment. In my daily work I use a MacBook managed by means of Jamf Pro, thanks to which I can indicate the most useful functions of the Apple device management system from the user’s perspective.

Jamf Pro – the most important functions

1.     Zero-day support

Apple offers regular software updates to Macbook users, and Jamf Pro has been offering support on the day when the new system is released for years now. Thanks to this, I can install updates and enjoy the new features offered by Apple the very next day following the release of the new macOS or iOS – without worrying about compatibility with installed applications and business systems.

2.     Self-Service

Do you willingly leave your computer to the IT department when something stops working or you need to install a program or an update? Sometimes it can be a matter of an hour or so, but often it is necessary to leave the equipment for several days, which stops you getting work done. Personally, I value the possibilities offered by Self-Service in this area. This is a kind of self-service company store that allows me to install new programs, updates and even to fix malfunctioning elements of the system by myself. It is also possible to send a request to the help desk via the Self-Service platform. Thanks to Jamf Pro I can be sure that my computer is properly managed, but it is done in a way that does not affect my work.

3.     Zero-touch deployment

When I received the Macbook on the first day of work, I did not have to configure it by myself. It was actually ready to use immediately after unwrapping. Thanks to integration with Apple Business Manager (a portal for IT administrators) Jamf Pro allows the company to provide the user with Apple equipment directly. When you switch the device for the first time, all adequate configurations and settings are installed automatically.

4.     App Store and Apple ID

In the everyday use of Apple devices at work it is also important for me to be able to download applications acquired by my company from the AppStore without providing my own Apple ID. This is important, since in business swift access to the latest applications is an absolute must-have.

Jamf Pro – benefits for the company

However, it is not only the employee user-experience which is important from a business perspective. As an International Business Development Manager, I advise companies on how to optimize the use of Apple devices. So what are the most important benefits for a company which uses Jamf Pro?

1. Minimal involvement of the IT department

I wrote about how convenient it is for an employee to get ready-to-work equipment. Zero-touch deployment also brings benefits to the company as it allows for minimal involvement of the IT department in the process of providing the equipment. It eliminates tasks such as device configuration by an on-site IT department because the configuration is done remotely.

2. Savings

Thanks to Jamf, iPads or iPhones can be shared among employees, which results in savings on company equipment. Jamf allows companies to create a list of role-based profiles (such as manager or guest), based on which the user selects the adequate configuration for his role. In order to do this, he does not need to log in anywhere or to visit the IT department. In addition, the Jamf Setup application for iOS allows the user to choose his own configuration based on their role or the current need to use the device (for example a need to use a particular application related to their role).

3. Better management of the equipment

Jamf Reset for the iOS system allows for the efficient restoration of the default devices, if necessary. The user can quickly – and without contacting the IT department – initiate a device reset and re-select the profile he would like to use. Using the Jamf Pro system also eliminates the problem of iOS devices assigned to their Apple ID which are left by former employees. Previously such devices were virtually useless. To start managing devices with the use of Jamf Pro is therefore a necessary step that allows for significant savings.

Jamf Pro – summary

To sum up, Jamf makes every effort to facilitate Apple users’ everyday work. Thanks to Jamf Pro, working with the devices becomes more pleasant, and management is simpler and more intuitive. Currently over 30,000 companies around the world use the Jamf Pro system, including companies such as SAP and IBM. The number of Apple devices managed by Jamf is impressive, amounting to 5.2 million. So it is worth betting on proven solutions used by millions of users worldwide and trusting the best in terms of managing devices with the Apple logo.

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