Discover the possibilities of the Jamf system in education!

Anna Valkenburg | Mobile | 04.03.2020

Poznaj możliwości systemu Jamf w edukacji!

An increasing number of schools around the world are investing in Apple equipment. Devices such as the iPad, Mac and Apple TV offer completely new possibilities, and at the same time are relatively easy to implement within the scope of an educational program. Thanks to its products, educational programs and support, Apple helps teachers to unlock the potential of students and transform learning into a real adventure, while the Jamf School tool for managing Apple devices in education allows users to take advantage of the benefits that technology brings to teachers, students and parents.

Apple’s potential in education

The use of Apple devices in schools fosters the development of potential and helps to combat digital inequality. This is especially true given that we are talking about a generation that is perfectly familiar with smartphones or iPads. Teachers also appreciate the potential of Apple devices in education. Apple provides an easy-to-use web portal: Apple School Manager. This gives the teacher has a preview of student devices, and he or she can also upload books or other educational materials on them. The same portal provides IT administrators with everything they need to implement a given device at school. It allows both students and teachers to configure devices, download applications and books. Apple devices are often used in British private schools, which also have campuses in Poland. According to available studies, 37% of teachers would like to use the potential of technology at school, but they don’t know where to start. Apple mobile device management solutions (MDM) – such as those provided by Jamf since 2002 – come with additional assistance.

Jamf School – MDM software

Jamf helps schools around the world to achieve success through its Jamf School system. This tool is adapted to the needs of students, teachers and parents alike. The Jamf School software is built on the ZuluDesk functionality, a mobile device management (MDM) solution in education. Jamf School makes it easier to implement and secure Mac computers and devices such as iPads and iPhones.

Jamf School allows its users to:

  • implement new devices at school,
  • manage them depending on the assigned users,
  • control the content of devices easily,
  • create user or student groups depending on the class or location,
  • block data, unwanted applications and specific content – this gives you full control over devices and content that reaches students.

ZuluApp applications

Dedicated ZuluApp applications are available as part of Jamf School MDM software:

  • Teacher – an application which can assist teachers in preparing interesting lessons and managing access to content, pages and applications.
  • Student – for students who gain access to useful knowledge and applications. Thanks to the fact that the device is managed and customized, students are not distracted by unnecessary applications that could take their attention away from learning.
  • Parent – parents gain greater control thanks to the use of MDM technology. They can restrict access to specific applications, such as Facebook or WhatsApp, and even receive information on whether their child has arrived at school safely.

Jamf School – benefits

Jamf School means benefits for students, teachers and parents alike. Thanks to dedicated applications, communication between users becomes very simple. Teachers can easily share applications and educational materials and prepare interesting lessons. By using Jamf School on iPads, teachers have the ability to automate many tasks related to the deployment and management of devices. If in a given class each student has a dedicated device which they can take home, they can do their homework with it – the role of the device is limited to education. You can keep all the device’s restrictions settings on outside of the school, ensuring network safety and that unwanted applications do not distract the student. For parents, it is a guarantee that the child is using the device for its intended purpose. Parents can easily check how long – and for what – the child uses the iPad on a regular basis.

Jamf School – support and security

Jamf School does not leave parents, students or teachers on their own with a given device. They can use the platform to communicate with Jamf specialists, who can help in case of technical problems. Jamf provides a knowledge base and e-books for teachers on how to effectively use iPads at work. Additionally, by choosing Jamf School software, the school invests in security. Students can use the devices while maintaining the necessary network security settings, and their personal data remains private and secure. The system allows you to manage access and the use of such functionalities as the camera, certain websites and applications.


To sum up, thanks to Apple devices managed with Jamf School, learning becomes easier, more pleasant and more interactive. Apple devices help to inspire and develop creativity, and the Jamf School system is beneficial for both parents and teachers. The system allows parents and teachers to have greater control, while for students it means freedom in their development and the chance to broaden their knowledge. In the student’s hands, the device can easily turn into a laboratory, movie studio, time machine, or even a spaceship.

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