Two weeks ago I attempted to lay out the factors that affect the total cost of ownership (TCO) of Apple devices when compared to infrastructure based on classic PCs. As promised, in the second part of my article, I will present the elements that affect the return on investment costs (ROI).

As a reminder, the Return on Investment will determine:

  • Savings on the delivery of equipment
  • Savings on device management
  • Savings related to security management
  • Increased employee efficiency

Savings on the delivery of equipment

The most time-consuming task which IT departments face is providing computers to employees. Each computer has to pass through the hands of administrators, who install the appropriate software and make the necessary configuration. Devices prepared in this way can be delivered to the end user. IT departments deal with this task in different ways. To reduce the time needed to provide equipment, static system images are often used and are then installed on all devices. Unfortunately, this approach requires the work of an administrator; moreover, all devices are clones and are not adapted to the needs of specific users.

This approach can cause real financial losses. If tools are installed on the devices by default (to reduce the number of tasks for the IT department in the future), this means unnecessary licensing costs. In big companies, it can cause a significant loss, which can’t be easily eliminated. The alternative is increased costs for the IT department, which would have to spend more time managing licenses and providing better-adapted equipment.

This problem can be eliminated by using an MDM system, such as Jamf Pro, which allows you to manage the delivery of Apple devices in the zero-touch deployment model. This allows you to deliver the device directly from the reseller to the end user, excluding the IT department. The device goes to the user in the original packaging, and the entire configuration process is carried out remotely using preconfigured installation rules, which enable the creation of any user groups to whom appropriate hardware configurations will be distributed, as well as applications and licenses.

The use of the Device Enrollment Program allows you to reduce the time needed to deliver devices by 80%, while Jamf Pro allows you to reduce the time needed to manage applications by 90%! [According to Jamf data]

For the user, the entire configuration process takes only a few basic steps, is intuitive, fast and enables the use of the device and all necessary tools for work in just a few minutes after unboxing. Eliminating the IT department from the hardware delivery process is cost-saving and allows administrators to focus on more critical business tasks.

Savings on using the help desk

Thanks to the use of the MDM system, the costs of device management are also significantly reduced. All administrative tasks can be performed remotely for Apple devices.

Research by IBM, which was one of the first organizations of this size to implement a significant number of Apple devices in its IT infrastructure, shows that Apple users do not use help desk support that often.

On the one hand, it results from the lower failure rate of hardware and the stability of the operating system, and on the other hand because of self-solving tools for problems.

Thanks to self-service functions, it is possible to reduce the number of requests sent to the technical service department by 15%.

The value of data security

Apple devices have a number of built-in mechanisms and tools to improve security, meaning that in many cases the IT department doesn’t have to undertake any additional activities and doesn’t have to invest funds in additional security.

The security of data on the disk is ensured by the built-in FileVault encryption function, while the security of the user is guarded by Gatekeeper, blocking the ability to install applications from unknown developers, as well as XProtect and MRT – built-in services protecting against malware threats. macOS also has a built-in system for creating an encrypted Time Machine backup.

All data on the device is encrypted by default, and not even Apple has the keys that would allow access to it without the user’s permission and knowledge. Apple devices also have additional security features, such as physically cutting the operating system off from the built-in microphone after closing the flap, which prevents eavesdropping and spying.

Thanks to Jamf Pro, we can implement and effectively enforce the security policy of IT infrastructure, above all through the management of updates, data encryption, passwords, and levels of access to key infrastructure elements. The system increases the scope of the employer’s control over the data on the employee’s device, so it is possible to carry out operations such as deleting data remotely if the device is lost, or sharing business data on the employee’s device if they can’t share data by themselves.

Increased employee efficiency

Enabling employees to choose the devices on which they prefer to work is obviously the easiest way to increase their efficiency – it is easier to work on a computer that we know and like. In addition, the amount of unproductive employee time is reduced; PC failure often involves the need to leave equipment with the IT department.

For Apple, it is very important to respect employee privacy and data security, especially since the popularity of remote work or Bring Your Own Device models are growing and blurring the boundary between work and leisure time. Jamf Pro enables the strict separation of business and private areas on the device. Therefore, the employer doesn’t have access to the employee’s private data, but he still has control over business data.


Jamf, a provider of dedicated systems for the management of Apple Jamf Pro mobile devices, has prepared a statement that allows you to estimate the potential savings from the introduction of Apple devices at your company:

  • Shortens the delivery time of devices by 80%
  • Shortens the time required for installing and updating applications by 90%
  • Reduces the number of requests to the Help Desk department by 15%
  • Lowers license costs by 2%
  • Improves end-user productivity by 10%
  • Reduces IT reporting time by 90%
  • Reduces the time spent on security management and security policies by 65%

I hope that I have discussed all the key factors that will help to evaluate the specific business benefits of introducing Apple devices at your company.

Read more about Apple for Business offer here.

Adrian Walaszek

As a Apple systems engineer and certified Jamf Pro Expert, he helps organizations with the adaptation and implementation of Apple devices on a large scale. The experience he has gained allows him to provide innovative solutions. In his spare-time, he gets his adrenaline rush on the karting track.

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