The JCommerce’s urban apiary is our contribution to the protection of bees against the problem of their mass extinction. Watch life in the hive through video streaming available 24/7 and follow news on the most important moments of bee families.
The apiary on the roof of JCommerce’s office in Katowice is inhabited by 2 bee families, a total number of about 15,000 honey bees. The apiary is looked after by Michał Pilch, a software tester at JCommerce, who is also a beekeeper.


Municipal apiaries have been created since the 80s, but recently become increasingly popular due to the dangerous phenomenon of the honey bees extinction in the world.
Cities provide bees with very good living conditions due to lack of harmful pesticides that have been used in agriculture for years. The temperature in the city is also a few degrees higher than in the countryside, and the winters here are milder, which extends the flowering period of plants by up to 30%, compared to the countryside.
Find out more about the urban apiary on the roof of the JCommerce’s office in Katowice.
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