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We project, implement and develop ERP systems, portal systems, e-commerce solutions, web portals, mobile applications and customized solutions. Stationary, mobile and in the cloud. For any user, from CEO to sportsman.

Portal systems

One of the most important factors that determine the success of enterprise development is free access for employees to company information and documentation.

JCommerce offers portal systems which make the storage and use of IT resources trouble-free, and the updating process fast and easy. These are the tools which allow users to communicate effectively and use company applications simultaneously. Such tools facilitate the personalization of information and direct it to appropriate users within the company.

Thanks to the portal systems, booking a conference room or having a single, up-to-date address book is pretty simple.

Portal systems incorporate advanced authorization and access control mechanisms, thanks to which they guarantee a high level of security for company documents.

JCommerce’s offer includes the following portal solutions:

  • Microsoft Office SharePoint Server
  • JBoss Portal
  • Customized solutions based on CMS systems

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Portal systems implementations

We present selected portal systems impemented for our clients: