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Mobile SFA systems

We deploy Sales Force Automation tools (SFA) in order to maximize the effectiveness of marketing, trade marketing, merchandising and sales operations in our clients’ enterprises.

Mobile SFA systems consist of two logical parts. Each of them has a different functionality and is intended for different users. The central part, available through a web browser, is intended for employees at company headquarters such as specialists and managers from the marketing, trade marketing, merchandising and sales departments. The mobile part, installed on mobile devices, is used for working in the field and is operated by sales promoters and sales representatives.

Moreover, especially for top management and the Board of Directors, the system provides key information in the form of transparent reports.

Users can instantly provide the mobile part with the most up-to-date information about the points of sale for which they are responsible, whereas their superiors are able to check the effectiveness of employees and quickly assign all the necessary tasks.

We offer the following SFA mobile solutions:

  • Marketing Support System
  • Merchandising Support System
  • Trade Marketing Support System
  • Mobile Sales Support System

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Our mobile SFA systems give users the following benefits:

  • improvement and automation of business processes,
  • enhancement of effectiveness,
  • elimination of paper reporting,
  • fast and easy access to the collected data,
  • simplification of the analysis of available information,
  • managerial access to predefined reports,
  • reduction of operating costs,
  • time savings,
  • ability to generate simple and transparent reports,
  • access to a full and up-to-date product and client base,
  • internal documentation management,
  • ability to use the central image repository from points of sale.


Mobile SFA systems implementations

We present our SFA systems, tailored to the clients' needs: