LS Nav – ERP System for the retail industry

Selling products and services through a network of various distribution channels, including bricks-and-mortar and on-line stores, requires an integrated management system tailored to the specific requirements of that industry.

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In commercial retail, keeping up with the needs and habits of your customers is key. The primary challenge is technological trends such as online shopping and payments, the popularity of mobile devices, showrooming, or the reverse phenomenon of webrooming, which means comparing products online and then buying them at a bricks-and-mortar store.

For retail businesses, we offer LS NAV, LS Retail's built-in tool based on the Microsoft Dynamics NAV system, complemented by a rich set of additional features tailored to the needs of the industry.

Areas of application

The LS Nav system integrates all distribution and customer contact channels, as well as transaction tracking, supply management and advanced services for loyalty and discount programs, at the same time utilizing all the functionality offered by the Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP system. The system provides a range of additional features that are essential for the efficient management of the sales network:

  • LS Nav POS – Point of sale application, as well as management of customer data and loyalty programs.
  • LS Omni – A mobile solution package which facilitates both mobile sales management and mobile shopping.
  • Open-To-Buy – Functionality that allows for planning, monitoring and analysis of stock replenishment throughout the entire sales cycle.
  • Reporting – A system allows users to create detailed financial, sales and logistics reports for the sales network.


Manage your retail network with LS Nav solution


Netronic - Gantt Charts for Visual Scheduling

NETRONIC Software, whose software JCommerce offers in its implementations, is a leading provider of tools for the visualization of complex corporate, planning and production data. These visualizations help companies make quick and accurate business and operational decisions.



Netronic offers software that can be used to develop Gantt chartes in all of the current Microsoft and Java development environments. The components offered by Netronic integrate easily with ERP, PPS, SCM and MES systems, and can thus be used to plan and control resources and processes in the scope of production, logistics, services or projects.

In terms of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Netronic offers Visual Scheduling Suite, the dedicated, interactive add-ons to the Gantt charts allow for the creation of a user interface that is characterized by much greater transparency and flexibility in planning and scheduling.

Interested in the possibilities which a full visualization of processes can give?

Gantt controls