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We project, implement and develop ERP systems, portal systems, e-commerce solutions, web portals, mobile applications and customized solutions. Stationary, mobile and in the cloud. For any user, from CEO to sportsman.


The e-commerce market is growing very rapidly, chain stores have noticed the potential of online shopping and the Internet sales channel is becoming a key distribution component in their sales strategy.

We are fully aware of this and that is why we are actively participating in the creation of the e-commerce market for Polish and foreign companies.

We design and implement Internet shops – starting with layout and ending with software implementation and installation on the server. We always strive to make the e-shop and all the navigation mechanisms intuitive and compliant with the UX standards. Our e-commerce solutions meet complex needs of demanding clients. 

Interested in dedicated e-commerce software? Looking for experts?


Is the dedicated software better?

Despite the fact that there are a number of free e-commerce applications on the market, customized software is definitely worth investing in. Read why.

Technical support       Technical support
We supply our clients with the possibility of further modifications, based on the planned directions of e-business development and the suggestions of consumers. 
Our software has an original code and appropriate level of security.
 Code optimization      
Code optimization
As a rule, we optimize the code considering the search engines (SEO), which give the client a greater number of visits and more revenue as a result.



E-commerce implementation

We present selected e-commerce implementations of our clients: