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IT Services

We project, implement and develop ERP systems, portal systems, e-commerce solutions, web portals, mobile applications and customized solutions. Stationary, mobile and in the cloud. For any user, from CEO to sportsman.

IT Solutions

At JCommerce we focus on the implementation of unique, customized IT solutions, which provide the most value to our customers.

What are the benefits of advanced Information Technology in business?

rozwiazaniaIT oszczednosci  Firstly – savings

Innovative IT tools result in higher efficiency and lower operating expenses. Task automation, easy access to data from diffferent locations and clear analysis and reports increase the 
productivity of employees. 


rozwiazaniaIT czas  Secondly – time

The usefulness of IT systems is primarily shown by the shorter time needed for the completion of tasks. This also translates into process automation, faster access to more information, and easier decision-making.

rozwiazaniaIT nowe mozliwosci  Thirdly – new possibilities

New and unique areas, which were previously difficult to explore, are now open to each user thanks to modern IT solutions - specifically due to Enterprise Management Systems (specially designed for individual preferences), data warehouses, reporting systems and mobile solutions.

ERP systems

Effective company management may be difficult or even impossible without the adequate support of business tools. 

Organizing processes, uniform access to information and optimizing the use of resources are the key benefits of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) integrated systems implementation.

As a Microsoft ERP Silver Competency Partner we implement, customize, maintain and develop ERP Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365 systems. The biggest advantage of ERP systems is their flexibility, which enables us to fulfil specific client requirements across all industries.

In an attempt to achieve the expected results, we trust only competent professionals to work on our system..

What distinguishes our team of consultants is almost twenty years of experience in ERP, BI and CRM implementation for even the most demanding customers. Based on their experience, we provide an accurate business analysis, optimal adaptation and customization of our solutions. Up-to-date knowledge of the reality of the Polish market enables us to implement systems in accordance with Polish law, taking into account the specific nature of the rules and their dynamic changes.

CRM systems

The concept of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is based on established long-term relationships with customers and gaining their loyalty.

This process requires an individual approach, time, and the best of intentions. CRM software can accomplish these tasks automatically, providing the most effective tools to manage customer service. 


As a Microsoft Partner, we implement and develop MS Dynamics CRM systems. Our consultants have experience in the integration of CRM with ERP and Business Intelligence systems, mainly with Microsoft tools. 

Our Microsoft Dynamics CRM systems enable our clients to deliver excellent customer services for sales and marketing teams. This increases sales productivity and marketing effectiveness through information from social media, business analysis and management using the cloud, on the premises or a hybrid model.

Portal systems

According to successful organizational development strategy, it is necessary to implement tools to facilitate timely communication and the smooth exchange of information.

JCommerce offers portal systems which enable the client to maintain, use and update company documentation without any difficulties. Furthermore, thanks to incorporated mechatronics and access control, such systems ensure a high level of security of stored data. 

Companies that use JCommerce portal solutions benefit from having one safe place to collect and share information, as well as making an online collaboration tool available to their staff.

Portal systems provide the ability to manage documents centrally and are integrated with Microsoft Office. They also facilitate the comprehensive management of access to confidential information.

Mobile SFA systems

We have created and implement modern SFA (Sales Force Automation) IT tools specifically in order to maximize the effectiveness of sales, marketing, trade marketing and merchandising activities.

Mobile SFA solutions are modern IT tools, the use of which solves many problems in the framework of communication and cooperation between sales representatives and company headquarters.

Field workers, in other words mobile device users, are provided with real-time information on subsidiary outlets and the effectiveness of ongoing activities.

In turn, people in leadership positions are able to accurately check the effectiveness of employees and thus plan efficiently and clearly define the tasks which are essential to achieve the goals of the business.

Internet portals

Portals are a particular type of web page. For users, they constitute the basis of knowledge, the exchange of information or the use of e-services.

Professional portals are constantly being updated with new content, graphics and applications. They grow in step with the company. Therefore, in the process of creation, ease of use and the effectiveness of functionality, they are highly important. 

The experience of specialists and knowledge of modern tools is also crucial. At JCommerce we use CMS (Content Management Systems) for creating and maintaining websites.

By using an interface that runs in a Web browser, they allow for the easy and convenient management of page content - text, images, and additional elements such as videos and applications. In our projects we use both widely available CMS (Joomla!, WordPress, Drupal) or create dedicated solutions by individual request.

The full service includes the preparation of graphic design, page coding, SEO optimization and guaranteed hosting.  We design all our solutions in accordance with UX practices and the principles of RWD (Responsive Web Design), adapting utility and page layout for devices of different resolutions.



The E-commerce market in Poland is developing very rapidly. Retail chains have discerned the potential of online shopping and Internet sales are becoming a key component of their sales strategy.

The impressive increase in the availability of products online is in response to the expectations of consumers. With this progress in mind, we are playing an active role in developing the e-commerce market, fulfilling orders for both Polish and foreign customers.

We prepare a comprehensive online shopping experience, from art and design to SEO optimization, to installing the software on the server.

Parameters are adjusted according to individual requirements, ensuring that the final product meets User Experience (UX) standards, and the service and navigation mechanisms are at their most straightforward.

Mobile applications

The dynamic development of mobile technologies is an undeniable fact.

Market demand for mobile products is rapidly increasing - this not only refers to the sale of devices themselves, but above all applications and responsive websites. At JCommerce we design and implement modern mobile applications and websites for portable devices. Our specialists are well-versed in the specific requirements of business, media and sport applications on devices with iOS, Android and Windows Phone operating systems.

  • We always start off the process of creating mobile applications with converting the idea into defining functionality.

We discuss exactly what an application is for, what its benefits are, and what requirements it is designed to fulfil. We define the goals of the project. Only by approaching the project in such a way will we guarantee the success of the project, and that the application will find the right audience.

  • The next step is the design phase, during which we present a visual and functional application page.

We use special interactive models and designs (mockups and wireframes), and the whole process is based on UX (user experience) standards. This step completes the preparation of the dedicated application graphics.

  • The final stage of the application development process is implementation.

In this phase, we use Agile project management methodologies, providing a solution in stages. It is vital that the customer has insight into the current state of the project and is able to monitor progress at every stage of production.

We conduct regular tests in order to ensure the highest quality software and that the applications suit the expectations of future users.

Customized solutions

No two companies anywhere on the market are identical - even those operating within the same industry differ from each other in terms of needs, specificity, character, and the profile of their activities.

Using identical IT solutions, one company can obtain far less benefit than another. Accordingly, we offer dedicated solutions for which all parameters are tailored to the individual preference of the organization.

Professionally tailored IT solutions enable us to take advantage of our business knowledge, cross-technology skills and industry experience gained during the implementation of IT tools across a variety of companies.

We devote particular attention to the high standard of our IT solutions, especially taking care to ensure the highest quality software.

Our design work encompasses the following stages: pre-implementation analysis, consulting, solution design, implementation, training, development and control.

We use proven principles, ready components and recognized architecture, and the process of supplying services in itself is based on Agile project management methodologies. We adapt to changing business requirements and continuously strive to improve our operating processes.