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Outsourcing software testing services

We provide comprehensive Quality Assurance and software testing services based on the needs of our clients.

Software testing models

Our testers have gained extensive experience from working on projects for clients all over the world, which gives them the ability to take on even the most demanding tasks. 

Depending on the individual needs of clients, we offer our testing services in several models, which differ from each other primarily in terms of the organization of ongoing cooperation between the testers who carry out tasks and the client who outsources them.


Software testers outsourcing

We offer the outsourcing services of experienced software testers and test engineers who undertake commissioned software testing or join the client's testing team. We also provide entire testing teams that carry out their tasks as part of larger software development projects at the client's request.

This model offers the following possibilities:

  • Extending or complementing the existing team
  • The selection of an experienced specialist in a given technological area
  • The exchange of best practices
  • A high level of independence in the testing process
  • Participation of testers throughout the software development process, which guarantees a high level of project knowledge

Testing as a Service (STaaS)

TaaS is an outsourcing model in which specific test activities are outsourced to an external IT partner, who creates virtual test environments and performs a full range of tests in accordance with customer requirements. Tasks are carried out "on demand" by specialists who possess the competences best suited to the task in the "cloud competence" model, which guarantees full scalability and cost control.

This model offers the following possibilities

  • Availability "on demand", the service is carried out as and when necessary
  • Adaptation to particular business needs
  • Full scalability
  • Very high level of test independence
  • No additional costs of maintaining infrastructure and tools

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Managed Testing Services / Testing Factory

In the Managed Testing Services / Testing Factory model we offer the full and proactive management of all testing activities on the client's behalf. The contract for Managed Services guarantees the client comprehensive Quality Assurance services for software development projects currently in progress.

This model offers the following possibilities:

  • Participation of testers throughout the software development process (project knowledge)
  • No additional costs connected with the tools and testing environment
  • Effective transfer of knowledge
  • Testing process tailored to specific business needs
  • Very high level of test independence

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