JCommerce - Outsourcing software testing services

Outsourcing software testing services

We provide comprehensive Quality Assurance and software testing services based on the needs of our clients.

Testing as a Service

Testing as a Service is an on-demand service which is used exactly when a specific software testing need arises during the project, or your company requires advanced testing services such as performance testing, audits, consultations or optimization of the testing process.

TaaS is a service model which draws on cloud philosophy, not only in terms of tools hosted in the cloud, but also the so-called 'cloud of competences'. This means that teams which carry out testing services are built in such a way as to be able to cover various testing requirements in a given project.


Testing as a Service - a Cloud of Competences

Thanks to "cloud competence", these tasks are delegated to those specialists who have the required skills. When a project requires an increase in resources, the client commissions more tasks, and when at any given moment the client's needs are reduced, the service model avoids the costs of down-time, i.e. someone being paid while having nothing to do.

Taas model allows you to conduct activities according to your needs, budget, best practices, using the right skills, all the while reducing costs.

The benefits of TaaS:

  • Availability of competences "on demand", that is, when the need arises
  • Scalability
  • High level of independence
  • No costs related to tools, hardware, software, employee training or building testing environments
  • No costs of software tester down-time – paying for someone with nothing to do
  • Use of cloud tools at workJC

JCommerce's Testing Services

As part of Testing as a Service, JCommerce provides comprehensive software testing services: from manual testing, to automatic testing, performance testing, penetration testing, or improving the testing process itself, as well as audits, consultations and training for the client's employees.

Web application tests

  • manual testing
  • automated testing
  • performance testing

Mobile application tests:

  • manual testing
  • automated testing
  • performance testing

Desktop application tests:

  • manual testing
  • automated testing


Business Intelligence and Big Data tests

  • manual testing
  • automated testing (SQL procedures level)
  • performance testing

Tests management

  • support in a tests strategy & plan development
  • support in a programming teams building


  • testing process audits
  • audits of performed tests and tests cases


  • Foundation level
  • Advanced level

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