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IT Services

Our carefully selected developers and consultants support the realization of key and long-term projects for the largest companies. Their knowledge and experience enable our clients to gain real savings, and guarantee the high quality of the services we deliver.

Outsourcing services

Our business partners have the opportunity to match the form of technological support with their pre-defined project requirements. In a short time, regardless of the option chosen for cooperation, they gain access to high quality specialists with cross-technological professional experience – well worth it, especially in the case of projecting and implementing advanced IT systems.

We offer several options for IT outsourcing cooperation, which may even be combined in a hybrid model, based around individual customer requirements.


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IT Specialist Outsourcing

We provide our clients with access to IT professionals who implement projects onsite - at the client’s office, or offsite - at JCommerce headquarters. We offer outsourcing services of such professionals as:

  • Developers
  • Consultants
  • Business Analysts
  • macOS Administrators
  • Technical Team Leaders
  • Project Managers
  • Quality Assurance Engineers

We also support our clients in building their own programming teams. Thanks to our experience and market knowledge we offer recruitment services, selecting the most qualified IT specialists.

The award of Top Quality HR (HR Najwyższej Jakości) and the title of Employer of Tomorrow (Pracodawca Jutra) confirmed our highest standards in recruitment process and human resources management.

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Project Outsourcing

We undertake all stages of projects from beginning to end - from analysis, through design and implementation, to consultation and post-implementation support.

Also, at the request of the client, we develop a particular phase of the project or provide technological support for the client’s team. We always care about quality, which is why our project’s activities are based on verified management methodology - we combine agile (SCRUM) and traditional approach to project management (PRINCE2, PMI).


Quality Assurance Services

We ensure the highest quality of software development thanks to the right Quality Assurance skills including: 

  • manual testing
  • automated testing
  • performance testing
  • security testing
  • auditing and optimization of the testing process
  • consultations

Our quality policy is based on the highest standards and best practices as well as the experience of our programmers. Effective methodologies of cooperation and compliance with the quality policy reduce the risks and costs of the projects we deliver.

The Quality Assurance services help to avoid significant financial expenditure on infrastructure, tools and ongoing employee training programs.

We provide the following bespoke services according to the needs of the customer:

  • Outsourcing of specialists Quality Assurance and entire testing teams – dedicated specialist or the QA team works on a project on-site or remotly from one of ours locations.
  • Software Testing as a Service (STaaS) – Testing services are performed when there is a specific need for them, without the need to hire a particular employee on a more permanent basis, which guarantees the flexibility and scalability of the service.
  • Hybrid Model – it is possible to use the STaaS model also in cases in which the needs suddenly grow and an outsourced QA specialist or testing team no longer suffices.
  • Managed Testing Services – we manage all processes related to Quality Assurance in terms of software, which means creating, managing and supporting the testing process.



Managed Services

JCommerce provides the complex service of managing business applications in the IT environment, including maintenance and technological support.

In the scope of Managed Services, we design an appropriate set of services for each environment, monitor the applications which we maintain, perform preventive and repair work, report on the condition of the service and conduct optimizing activities.

JCommerce-Managed-Services ENG

We take responsibility for managing the availability of business applications, including their efficiency and safety. We take care of the scalability of the required service resources, allowing rapid adjustments in terms of the development of maintained applications. We manage the established service levels within the Service Level Agreement (SLA).

According to ITIL practices, the functioning of every service is based on 5 fundamental principles, in which the individual processes of the service are defined:

  • Service Strategy
  • Service Design
  • Service Transition
  • Service Operation
  • Continual Process Improvement

Within the scope of Managed Services we offer support for the following projects:

  • Applications
  • Databases
  • ERP systems
  • Apple devices management (Jamf Pro)
  • Business Intelligence solutions
  • Portal systems



Outsourcing Development Center

The Outsourcing Development Center (ODC) has become an increasingly popular business model for companies of all sizes to help increase productivity and reduce operating expenses by leveraging offshore talent. The ODC model has also proven to be a highly effective tool for providing clients with greater visibility and predictability in the development process.

At JCommerce we offer an autonomous Outsourcing Development Center which can manage and deliver finished products through the product development lifecycle, including:

  • capturing business requirements
  • system analysis and technology selection
  • system architecture and design
  • coding and component testing
  • Quality Assurance
  • user documentation

Our role is to provide dedicated administration and HR services (recruitment process, evaluation, compensation, attendance). 

This means providing the required work environment including (but not limited to) dedicated infrastructure including hardware and software infrastructure, dedicated team of experts for the ODC, dedicated links with strict security measures and centralized backup facilities and policies, physical and network security and IP protection mechanisms, HR and administration support.

The legal formalities are usually based on the NDA agreement with client, the NDA agreement with each employee involved and framework contract with the client.

The key advantages when applying the ODC model are:

  • large talent pool to choose from (technical developers, testers, support),
  • equipped, secured, connected and managed operation,
  • scale up or down at short notice,
  • cost benefits,
  • short term contracts possible,
  • time-zone benefit suited to troubleshooting


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