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IT Services

Our carefully selected developers and consultants support the realization of key and long-term projects for the largest companies. Their knowledge and experience enable our clients to gain real savings, and guarantee the high quality of the services we deliver.

Planning and budgeting

We offer planning applications which allow users to control budgeting, scheduling and verification of tasks assigned to individuals. We implement systems which simplify and accelerate budget planning. They enable the user to find alternative solutions for ongoing actions. Moreover, they provide the possibility of:

  • creating multidimensional budgets
  • including different corporate departments in the budgeting process (production, finance etc.)
  • creating planning sheets in a simple way
  • assigning specific areas of budgeting to responsible people
  • continuously keeping track of the planning process through alerts and notifications
  • automatically consolidating budgets based on previously identified interconnections
  • keeping track of performance and analyzing deviations
  • creating budgets in a gradual and iterative way
  • integrating with existing reporting systems within the company