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In the Big Data era a large amount of variable and diverse data requires the use of advanced analytical tools. Our Business Intelligence systems enable companies to gain reliable real-time information and true insights for prediction and decision making.


Microsoft Business Intelligence Platform

Microsoft Business Intelligence Platform (MS BI) is a complex solution which combines the functions of a database server and an informational platform, offering a complete set of technologies and tools, whose fundamental elements are: SQL Server, SharePoint Server and Excel.

The set of MS BI tools is used in the largest data business centers in the world. It facilities information management in huge organizations, and through its universality and scalability supports small and medium-sized enterprises as well.

Microsoft Business Intelligence Platform helps business users in extracting the greatest value from data while maintaining a low total cost of operation. Microsoft Business Intelligence tools provide the proper information at the right time and in the right format through tight integration with Microsoft Office.

One model of Business Intelligence for the entire organization.
Thanks to the new BI Semantic Model, Microsoft's Business Intelligence platform offers faster and more accurate modeling of solutions than ever before as well as flexible implementation of analytical areas while maintaining full consistency of Business Intelligence.

Depending on the size of the project and its specification, the components of the package are selected with the needs of the business customer in mind. At the same time the implemented solution remains open to further modifications and upgrades with new functionalities.


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Main functionalities of Microsoft Business Intelligence

Created on the basis of years of experience, the Microsoft Business Intelligence package provides business users with the following features:

  • Modeling - flexible prototyping of analytical models,
  • Self-Service BI - minimizing the involvement of the IT department in the process of creating reports,
  • Reporting - a full range of reporting functionalities,
  • Predictive Analysis - identifying the trends and causes of problems in the enterprise,
  • Integration and Data Management - full automation of extraction, transformation and loading processes (ETL) from many types of data sources,
  • Big Data – tracking any kind of data, regardless of its type and size,
  • Data warehouses – fully prepared environment for the implementation of highly scalable and reliable data warehouses,
  • Teamwork - optimization of cooperation, information sharing, resource management and rapid data searches,
  • Mobile Access - remote access to reports, dashboards, and scorecards on mobile devices,
  • Data in the Cloud - easy usage of the cloud computing platform (MS Azure),
  • Availability, performance, and safety - high availability (AlwaysOn service) and performance (Columnstore indexes) of the key tasks at the optimal cost,
  • Flexible implementation time – solutions adapted to the size of the organization and to different user expectations - from Self-Service BI to enterprise applications.

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Microsoft Business Intelligence implementations

We present selected Microsoft Business Intelligence solutions tailored to fit our clients' needs: