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In the Big Data era a large amount of variable and diverse data requires the use of advanced analytical tools. Our Business Intelligence systems enable companies to gain reliable real-time information and true insights for prediction and decision making.

Business Intelligence functionality

Is it possible to map some of reporting requirements (e.g. stock market reports, MSSF standards ect.) when using Business Intelligence systems?

In all BI systems it is possible to map this type of reporting requirements. However, providing the samples of reports and templates is needed. Besides the substantive content a lot of BI solutions provide also a sepcial mechanism for creating “pixel perfect” reports (e.g. PIT).

Can you check the results of analysis in a mobile version on a mobile phone/iPad?

A lot of BI systems producers consider users’ mobile needs. Some of them implement requirements sharing dedicated aplications to prepare mobile solutions. Others have already adapted BI tools for devices with high (computers, laptops) and low screen resolution (smartphones). Users can have a permanent access to the actual results of analysis, regardless the devices used at the time.

Does Business Intelligence system allow to create dynamic analysis?

Business Intelligence system has a structure adapted to create dynamic analysis. The users in an easy and fast way can receive from data warehouse (see more: data warehouse) all the information needed and make a range of operations letting them obtain solid knowledge essential for making rapid business decisions.