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In the Big Data era a large amount of variable and diverse data requires the use of advanced analytical tools. Our Business Intelligence systems enable companies to gain reliable real-time information and true insights for prediction and decision making.

Business Intelligence and Excel

Does Business Intelligence works like Excel?

Business Intelligence systems offers more possibilities than Excel. They allow to conduct more detailed analysis, search for information easily and present results in more effective and transparent way. BI ensures the operation on the integrated data from the whole company and gives high level of safety. Using Business Intelligence system, the company has all the data in one place, not in non-integrated files.

Is it possible to save objects from Business Intelligence system to an Excel file?

A lot of Business Intelligence systems allow to save the reports results to Excel files. Some of the systems give opportunity to export not only the whole report, but also its individual components, such as tabs, charts, diagrams ect. It is worth asking a question – what for? It makes sense in order to provide the data to external users. Otherwise, the export is superfluous. BI system effectively substitute Excel funcionality and often has more advanced possibilities of data presentation than Excel. (see more: Does Business Intelligence works like Excel?)

Is it easy to export results from Business Intelligence system to Excel?

All implemented Business Intelligence systems allow to import and export data from Excel – both older and newer versions. Tools used for ETL service have predefined driver to operate .xls and .xlsx files because it is a very common data source.