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Our carefully selected developers and consultants support the realization of key and long-term projects for the largest companies. Their knowledge and experience enable our clients to gain real savings, and guarantee the high quality of the services we deliver.

ETL - Extraction, Transformation, Loading of data

The basis of each Business Intelligence solution is composed of well-formulated data integration processes, called ETL (Extraction, Transformation, Loading of data).

Correctly defined ETL processes enable users to transform a variety of data in the form of easily accessible, structured information useful for any business, in particular:

  • extract data from multiple source systems (Extraction) - from text files and Excel sheets, relational database systems (Oracle, Sybase, DB2), and ERP applications such as SAP R/3;
  • transform the source data into a single, integrated set of information (Transformation) - during the transformation optional conversions, aggregation and calculations of the source data take place in accordance with business algorithms. Its integrity is checked and consistency of the reports is ensured. In order to get the best results, proven mechanisms for data quality management are used - Data Quality and Data Cleansing;
  • load information to the target system (Loading);

The target reporting systems for ETL processes can be completely independent, as in the case of source systems – from flat files, various external applications and external reporting systems, to dedicated data warehouses.