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We provide comprehensive services in the field of the implementation and management of Apple devices and applications using the Jamf Pro system.

Apple Device Management

JCommerce's macOS administrators have experience in implementing Apple devices at global corporations, and the number of macOS devices which they administer by means of the Jamf Pro system is in excess of 30,000.

Our experience is based on cooperation with clients from demanding industries such as banking, insurance, multimedia and press agencies. We not only offer the Jamf system, but also utilize it ourselves.

The success of the implementation of the Jamf system not only depends on the software itself, but above all on the right people, who you will find in our team. Our Administrators not only coordinate, but also actively support, the process of implementing Apple device management systems.

Jamf Pro allows the user to implement custom solutions which, nonetheless, require knowledge of writing scripts in Bash and Python. The JCommerce team also possesses competences in this area, and furthermore is able to communicate in English.

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Our macOS administrators are certified through both Jamf and Apple

Jamf Certificates:

  • Jamf 200 (Certified Casper Technician)
  • Jamf 300 (Certified Casper Administrator)
  • Jamf 350 (Certified JSS Administrator)
  • Jamf 400 (Certified Casper Expert)

Apple Certificate:

  • Apple Certified Support Professional



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